"Void Stalker" Class Battleship (Large scale Battlefleet Gothic scrathbuild)


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I've always been a fan of 40k spaceships; seeing as battlefleet gothic is no longer in production, I thought i'd have a go at a large scale version of one of the ships.

I finished this a few days ago - I meant to post a build log, but I didn't have a camera then camera sadly. It's a version of the "Void Stalker" class battleship; the model is about 12" long, compared to the 4" of the original white metal model. The side of "real" thing is never given in the fluff, but i'd hazard a guess at around 800-1000m long or so.

The model itself is 3-6mm THK laser cut MDF, with acrylic sails. I generated the CAD by tracing over a profile using autocad, then breaking it down into the relevant sections. Greeblies are generic spare parts from model kits, mainly 1/72nd british 1000lb bombs, and spare 40k/epic vehical components.

The curved nose sections were made from mdf half elipses glued together to form a spine. Milliput was used to form the fair curves, followed by a lot of sanding! Paint was applied with a sponge to generate a little texture and to cover up a few remaining scratch marks.

I'm happy with how the model has turned out, but no the paint job - any thoughts on how to spice it up a little would be handy, if anyone has any. You can't really see in the photo's but i've already done ink shading/dge highlighting by hand, and a little diffusion weathering with an airbrush.

Hope you like!


For scale: