warhammer 40k

  1. Scapey

    Finished my (re)model of a Bolter shell from Warhammer 40K.

    Evening, all! ( Well, I say "Evening", it's 3:41 in the morning... ) Thought you'd like a peek at the Bolter shell I just finished modelling :) Started this project a few years ago, but at that time my main go-to was Tinkercad, and I was just starting to wrap my head around Fusion 360. Wouldn't...
  2. GrassRootsMaker

    Building a Warhammer 40k Plasma Pistol

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post (but probably the first prop I'm proud enough of to publish too). I built a Warhammer 40K Plasma Pistol with LED Animations I also added a build video to my YouTube Channel, Grass Roots Maker. Hope you like it (and subscribe), I'm really...
  3. arborealkey

    [Warhammer 40K] Dark Eldar

    Hello ! I'm back in the game with another 40K build. This time, I'm going to try and portray Drazhar... My goal is to make him really different from my Visarch (you can see the build thread here) despite the similar designs. Warning: my English is rubbish. I started two days ago so there...
  4. TheRamenGod

    40k SpaceMarine Creation

    I am making a space marine cosplay (to scale), and it will be awesome! This is the first time I have ever created anything cosplay, and anything with foam. I am using stuff from Gary Sterley's 40k Space Marine: Gary Sterley's 40k Space Marine and from Henrik Pilerud's fanmade Blood Angel Space...
  5. slipgatecentral

    Warhammer 40k inspired helmet

    Hi everyone! New user here. I'd like to share my project and maybe get some advice as I move through the fabrication process from more experienced crafters. I started this project while ago, with initial goal of making game 3D model based on concept done by a good friend of mine Alexey...
  6. Female Space Marine by castpixel

    Female Space Marine by castpixel

  7. Jediknightandy

    Warhammer 40K Chainsword- 3D model, print and paint

    Hey guys, I shared this on Reddit a while back and thought you might like to see it. I designed and modelled this Chainsword from 40K, then 3D printed and finished it. Model was made in Zbrush using reference from one of the older space marine codex. I wanted the scale to be more in Human...
  8. g0rb

    Scratchbuilt mixed-media Patoroch Land Raider

    Hi all, I started working on a scratchbuilt mixed-media Land Raider a couple of months ago, using Eli Patoroch's "Land_Raider II 2009" template. It is built using paper, cardboard, plastic tubes (from popsicles and cotton swabs), perfect cast, sculpy, apoxie sculpt and a couple of other things...
  9. Terrible Trio

    Overwatch - McCree Flashbang Tutorial

    Hey all, T3 here with a tutorial for all you Overwatch cosplayers out there. Today I’ll do McCree’s Flash Bangs. You'll need a few pieces to get started. A set of RGB tea lights with a remote, 2 small paint bottles, emptied, cleaned, and cut in half, (cut off the neck of one half to make...
  10. Dead9931

    WH40K Scout Marine

    I was thinking about making a Warhammer 40,000 Scout Marine of the Blood Angels for a Halloween costume and potential convention costume. I plan to include a chainsword and bolt pistol My original idea was to use old football pads I found at a garage sale as a base but Im uncertain if that'd...
  11. SKS Props

    Warhammer 40K Tech Priest Cosplay - SKS Props Updated 8/24/2018

    Hey everyone Steve here at SKS Props and I'm building as fast as I can to have a completed Tech Priest for DragonCon. I have painted miniatures for years so it is only fitting to bring a 40K character to life. I picked a Tech Priest because I always loved how much detail and individuality the...
  12. K

    Kaldor Draigo Warhammer 40k

    Hi there I want do make another costume - my first was Inquisitor Drogan from the Space Marine video game. I was thinking of making a Grey Knight and then Kaldor Draigo - based on the figurine from GW. But in my travels I have referenced so many excellent and inspiring figurines that I don't...
  13. ShowAndTellProp

    Warhammer 40k Plague Marine & Plaguebearer

    Hello all! It's been a while since we've posted here, so we figured it was about time we changed that. Last November we started this project in hopes that they would be finished in time for Dragon Con this year. We normally don't dabble too much into full costumes but, with each one of our...
  14. G

    Space Marine - Need help with seams and gaps

    Attempting to build Space Marine armor based off of Sylgian's and Henrik Pilerud's amazing suits, but have run into a snag with large gaps / seams in my armor and not sure how to clean them up. From the web it looks like bondo might be the solution, but these are big gaps, so was thinking maybe...
  15. ExcellentLlama

    Warhammer 40K Bolt Pistol Replica

    Hello there fellow propmakers! I have just started with a Bolt Pistol from Warhammer 40K and have already run into a problem. You see on the picture of the blueprint I have the gun is 8.2 Cm long which is about 3.2 inches acording to google. How do I easily make it bigger without having to...
  16. L

    30K MkIV Space Marine Foam Build

    Hello I have been working on a MkIV Space marine build recently and am about half way through building it In this thread I will post my progress Some details: So far I have made Boots, Shins, Thighs(Completed today), Shoulder Pads, Helmet and Bolter I am using 10mm EVA foam (45kg/m3) for this...
  17. arborealkey

    [COMPLETE] The Visarch-Warhammer 40K

    EDIT: full reveal Hello ! I'm finally starting a thread about my third eldar build (the first two were Lelith Hesperax, and Baharroth-phoenix lord of the Swooping Hawks-, for those who were wondering). Here is the thread about the second build I'm currently working on: Legio Custodes-The...
  18. castpixel

    castpixel's space marine build (Warhammer 40K)

    Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been obsessing over making a foamie Space Marine for more than a month. After 4 weeks of research, I'm feeling ready. My main inspiration is this exquisite "art-scale" miniature sculpted by Lamenter and painted by Volomir . I love...
  19. K

    WH40k Emperor's Children (noise marine) W.I.P.

    Hello friends! My name is Ruslan. I live in Russia and I know very little English. I am sorry. I have to use Google translator to communicate with you. I have long dreamed of making a spacemarine suit. This forum inspired me. In the topics I saw how other people do it. I am grateful to users of...
  20. arborealkey

    Legio Custodes-The Horus Heresy (Warhammer 40K)

    /!\ I'm not fluent in English /!\ Good evening ! I'm almost halfway through this build, but I guess it's never too late to start a thread about it... It's mostly based on GW's miniatures, with my own take on the helmet and a few other things. About the build itself: -it's made out of foam...
  21. 7959

    Pilerud's cosplay's Warhammer 40,000 Blood Angels Space Marine build

    I'm not so active on the forum, but I want to share the experiences from my build in whatever help it can be to fellow builders. My downloadable file is continuously updated for every major modification I make. Read and watch EVERYTHING in it thoroughly before asking questions, please. And...
  22. S

    Space Marine (First time builder)

    any tips and advise you have i'll take it also this is in South Africa so some materials can be hard for me to get
  23. Venom1989

    Warhammer 40k - Custom Spacemarine [Complete]

    Hey everyone :) after i have build a N7 Suit , a Halo Armor and some smaller pieces, my newest Eva foam project is a Spacemarine from the awesome Warhammer 40k universe. I've found a very Nice picture of a Black Spacemarine which i used as Inspiration for my own build. First i started...
  24. P

    The Scarlet Marine: New Cosplay!

    Hello everyone, My name is Peter Bowser and I'm a new to the costume/cosplay scene. As of September of 2016, I began my first project called: The Scarlet Marine. This is where I am so far, and I will not be posting the previous pictures that lead up to this because you can check them out on...
  25. Doomfist

    Warhammer 40K Black Templar Chaplain Space Marine WIP

    Chaplain Space Marine build, half Scratch and half Pep. The Helmet, Chest, Pauldrons are Pep, the legs, arms and back pack will be scratch built along with the weapons (Crozius and Plasma Pistol). Going for a Grimaldus type Chaplain I think.