Limited Run Vader MPP steel cast SHROUD (complete)


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On a simpler note... I'm looking for another Vader D-Ring like what came with this shroud. I don't see the Vader D-Ring on Roy's site (am I just overlooking it?) Can anyone recommend a good source for the Vader-style D-Ring?

I can supply you with one (I think I still have some). Please PM me or send me an email!


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Totally forgot if I posted I’m interested in another,

So count me in for 1 if I haven’t already said I wanted one

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Hey everyone, sorry for resurrecting this thread but I just wanted to let anyone that missed out on these know that Roy has now done a third run of steel shrouds. They have gotten more accurate with each version, this one has a smooth inner bore with no internal step.

Available in his store; MPP Shroud Steel ESB – WannaWanga
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roygilsing , I love the blueprints you’ve created for the lightsabers. Have you thought of doing one for the ANH Obi?
And yes, I have thought of that. And it would be easy to do since I already made an accurate 3D model long ago. But the reason I never made a blueprint was because it's not a 'kit bashed' saber. No build info or intel needed other than stacking the parts. But I could make one for reference for the used parts or as a cool artwork.


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