V for Vendetta Mask - So close...


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We had a Theater/Hollywood party for my mom's 70th. She has been teaching, acting and directing for 40 years. The Wachowski family lent us their V mask for a decoration. I spent the whole night thinking,"Hey, there were hundreds made for the film, they can get another one" "Maybe I can open the case and just wear it for a while"
I settled for a few pictures. I don't know what the story is behind this particular mask.


I hate to say it, but that looks like one of the commercial, replica masks ...

Hero V masks have a goatee point that sticks off the chin.

And the crowd scene V masks seem to have smoother 'bends' in the mustache.

Please see the attached photos.

Good spot. Not sure what the story is. My sister is good friends with their sister. She borrowed it just to rub my nose in it. I will have to tell her it's a forgery and the case is worth more than the mask;)

still better than mine
I have the same off-the-shelf mask - nothing wrong with it :lol

It was about the only replica I could afford :rolleyes

Love the mask but I have to agree with the idea thats its an everyday replica. I am pretty sure I have one just like it.
Too bad you couldn't 'accidentally' taken it out of the case.

Y'know, just to check it to make sure it's in good shape....
:D :D
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