Tricky project - Machiko cannon


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Hello all. We are currently working on a Machiko costume, based on the HotToys figure. One of the ideas is to connect the helmet to the cannon, so the cannon moves when I move my head. It can be done, I just need to know how. We have a basic understanding of electronics and circuits, and the skills to assemble them. If doing this requires programming, well... we are in trouble :) Anyway, my idea is that this can be made with a motion sensor in the helmet, connected to some kind of servo-thingie (sorry, my technical vocabulary sucks), somewhat like the ones used in RC airplanes. Please tell me if I am wrong here. If anyone has any ideas, please share them. I am going through with the costume, though. I really liked it, and if I can get the cannon working, that's great, if not, well, a simple up-and-down mechanism also ends up looking good.
Thank you all in advance

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