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  1. captblitzdawg

    Original styled Red Robin cowl

    I am looking to convert a Batman cowl (one from Batman V Superman) into a Red Robin cowl. The ears on the mask are hollow but very short. My initial idea is to cut along the lines of the ears so it makes three flaps. Then I would lay the top flap down, cut away from the other two flaps whatever...
  2. Blastphamy

    Bojack Horseman and some others from Hollywoo.

    I just started learning to build with upholstery foam for a Bojack group cosplay for next March. I figured I'd practice with making the title character. A friend and i will be making the masks for our group. Then skinning the masks with sewn fur and fabric. We plan to make: BoJack, Princess...
  3. Terrible Trio

    Overwatch - McCree Flashbang Tutorial

    Hey all, T3 here with a tutorial for all you Overwatch cosplayers out there. Today I’ll do McCree’s Flash Bangs. You'll need a few pieces to get started. A set of RGB tea lights with a remote, 2 small paint bottles, emptied, cleaned, and cut in half, (cut off the neck of one half to make...
  4. LAKU

    Dr. Doom Costume (inspired by sideshow Legendary scale figure)

    Hi I'm a first time poster, and i wanted to show my Dr. Doom costume, and hopefully get some feedback so i'll know what to improve for my future costumes. Here is some pictures of my costume:
  5. M

    Captain America Rescue Costume for Kid

    So every year i ask my kid what he wants to be for Halloween and well this year he wants to be Captain America from the rescue mission in the first movie. For the most part Im good with making everything or thrift store finding the things I need, like this cute leather jacket I from an etsy...
  6. C

    DIY(ish) work on pre-existing Spider-Man costume Help?!

    Hi everyone, So recently I bought an Iron-Spider Spider-Man suit off Wish. The suit is pretty great but there's one major issue. The problem is with the eyes, specifically with the white lens which you see out of. Whatever material was used gives really poor visibility and completely cuts off...
  7. R

    Scaling help

    I have files for the MK 46 Suit from Civil War, and I'm trying to 3D print them, however I can't seem to be able to get scaling right. My friend and I looked at make human & she took my measurements, but I can't always accurately put those measurements into the model. Make human likes to act...
  8. L

    Man Of Steel Suit

    Hi! I'm new in the world of cosplay and i want to make a Man Of Steel suit, but i don't know what kind of material i have to buy. I did an investigation and i know that i have to buy 4 way stretch lycra fabric, glissenetee fabric, and then i print the chainmail design. But can anyone help me...
  9. W Crow

    Star Wars Pepakura helmet build ( Scout Trooper )

    I'm working on a pepakura scout trooper helmet and am using this thread to post my progress. I will be updating regularly. Comments are welcomed especially from anyone whose worked on similar projects. Below are some pictures of what I've built so far.
  10. Pinn

    Batman Suit; Help Needed!

    Long story, I ordered a custom made Batman suit online. They asked for exact measurements and I sent my exact body measurements to them. They made a beautiful suit almost exactly to the size. I understand the mistake was on my part for not knowing to scale up a bit. Needless to say, I can't...
  11. grimmindustries

    Colonial Viper Pilot Helmet

    This is a commission I recently completed. It was 3D printed first then reinforced with fiberglass.
  12. camprandall

    I'm a man after Amanaman, man

    Ok, in light of wanting to do something challenging for Star Wars Celebration Chicago next year, I decided to give a screen-accurate, wearable and 501st approvable Amanaman a try. It's going to be tricky and I'll probably make a ton of mistakes - or perhaps fail completely - but it will be fun...
  13. K

    Black Panther Movie Suit Details

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a black panther suit and was thinking about adding on the 3-D details to the suit. (I found good examples here
  14. Terrible Trio

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, Helmet of the Inquisitor build tutorial

    Hey all, today I’m going to tell you how I made the Helm of the Inquisitor from Dragon Age Inquisition. It shouldn’t be an expensive undertaking, especially if you already have some worbla scraps lying around. Your laundry list for this project will include a hard hat some craft foam...
  15. S

    Having issue on a Star Wars Costume, could someone give me some advice?

    I have been interested in doing cosplay for awhile now, this is my first try at it. I am trying to do a Luke Skywalker Bespin outfit. I do need some help with what to do about the shoes, but my big problem is the jacket. I bought the "Musterbrand" version, which is "inspired" by the original...
  16. R

    Lost in Space 2018 Netflix wardrobe help?

    Hi, I'm having a tough time trying to recreate the costumes from the Lost in Space 2018 Netflix. I'm hoping that someone can identify their parka/winter coat, if it's a retail item or a custom item. Same goes for their pants and belt/hardware. For something more challenging, I'm...
  17. FreelanceSculpt

    Doctor Doom Cosplay

    Hello everybody, Just finished up my Doctor Doom cosplay for Emerald City Comicon and figured I'd share: Here is a component breakdown: Helmet - was made from the Doom Pepakura model that is floating around, not sure who the original modeller was on that but it was a fun build. I made it...
  18. FreelanceSculpt

    Doctor Doom Cosplay...

    Hello everybody, Just finished up my Doctor Doom cosplay for Emerald City Comicon and figured I'd share: Here is a component breakdown: Helmet - was made from the Doom Pepakura model that is floating around, not sure who the original modeller was on that but it was a fun build. I made it...
  19. Z

    Classic Red Hood Cosplay (and instructions)

    Before I get into this post I just wanted to give a little backstory. Originally this project started off as a personal test, a mission if you will to figure out how to make something that in my research hadn't been done. I wanted to make a functional version of the helmet worn in Batman: The...
  20. Ozymandias

    Bounty Hunter build - Pre Rogue 1 era

    Hey, I'm building a unique bounty hunter and I have been inspired by Dengar's piecemeal armour to ask the question "What would a patchwork bounty hunter look like around the end of the clone wars" I have gone with a Clone Trooper Airborne helmet - Raw cast from SkygunBros - and want to take...
  21. TestEagle

    Interest Deadpool Movie 1 & 2 Costume in Screen Printed Material by Costume Replica Cave

    Long time RPFer but first time posting a Interest/Project Run thread. Some of you may know Costume Replica Cave and seen our items about, some may not have. Costume Replica Cave has been running since 2015 with over 300 suits made, with one of our specialties being Deadpool suits. Our first...
  22. amuelb

    CHAPPiE Replica Costume

    Hello everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick) With my local con fast approaching I've been working every night to put together my newest cosplay build! Last year I spent two months making Issac Clarke from DeadSpace 1 and was overjoyed by the response I got... So, as we do... I wanted to go BIGGER. This year...
  23. Iakona

    Help - Chin Guard/Cup for Cosplay

    Hello The RPF, I need your help. I am working on a cosplay and I am looking for a classic-style, white, rubber, sports chin guard/cup/strap. I have looked online for one but all I am getting are the modern ones or ones that are either black or clear. Can you guys help me find one? Thanks...
  24. A

    THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: Costume Replica

    Hi everyone. This is my first time here and I would like to present myself first. My name is Aaron and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Peru and I speak officially speak spanish, as it is the main language around here. Anyway, I try to do my best when speaking english, so I hope you guys can...
  25. D

    Need some advice on buying an Iron Man suit

    Hello, I am thinking of getting an Iron Man suit. It's to wear sometimes to cons (not that often) and for the rest to display. I have looked around on the internet, including this forum and currently am looking at this suit...

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