Trench Run Project

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by TI6815, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Trench Run Project !

    Hey Guys

    Here is our latest project ...the trench run. We make the Master for molding with 3D Print. 16 different tiles with 5x5 diameter or 1.97". So I can create my own death star surface. My Buddy and I want to make a really large display or just a deco diorama for the wall. It looks really good so far.

    The MDF sheet I use to place the tiles is 11.81" ( 30x30cm) but this was the first attend to bring it in a row.

    stay tuned !

    all pics
    Trench Run Project pictures by TI6815 - Photobucket

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    Ive started a trench project myself.

    I am using fine molds 1/72 kits for the craft including the falcon.

    The tiles that you have done are too small for that size i think ?

    I have some 6" x 6" tiles which are more the size i want

    What craft are you using ?

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