Death Star Trench - Parking Lot Pyro Replica Miniature


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Here's project 2 of 3 of the Death Star Tile recreations in miniature.

This is a near tile for tile replica of the original trench pyro model ILM used in their parking lot for filming one of the trench run scenes where Luke almost gets cooked.

Where the original used 2' x 2' Tiles, this recreation uses 3"x3" tiles. Thanks to Dan (3DImpact), this project would not have been no where near as accurate. He used all available reference photos and created detailed 3D virtual models to help identify hard to see tiles based on shadows and angles. It was a tremendous amount of time and effort on his part! Here's a link to his more detailed build rundown.
Death Star surface - ILM parking lot trench reproduction

We had to map out every tile, and MANY of the tiles had to be cut down to their 1/4 tile sections. This made for a lot of work and effort, but really paid off in the end.
One interesting item I used on this build, the Red Primered channel frames came directly from the ILM/Apogee shop. I was fortunate over a decade ago to get access to some of the materials from the actual shop, and it was fun to put some parts down that have a true ILM heritage.

So, here's some pics of the finished model, and a few of the construction.






And here's a few rough comparisons...





And here's a few during construction of the raw castings and layouts

Trench20.jpg Trench21.jpgTrench22.jpgTrench25.jpgTrench26.jpgTrench31.jpg

And a final couple shots



Thanks for looking!


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Oh yeah? Well, you started it! :D

Seriously, I never had any intention of doing this model until you started down the road and you executed it SO well! I was able to correct some errors in mine as you were finishing yours, so thanks for that. It really was a hugely satisfying collaboration. More fun than the actual building of the model itself was the fun in sharing new reference images and corresponding revelations with you. That's the best of part of projects like these...

That turned out fantastic. Its really hard to tell that yours is such a smaller scale, until you see it in the house on display. Two to two and a half feet, I'm guessing.
The work has paid off, between the both of you.

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