Chris VanVlair

New Member
So, The progress on the Leech Woman scan has been taking some time, but now, the scan of the action figure is complete and the files are being finalized.

Leech Woman full body.jpg

Now that the body is taken care of, the next obvious issue are getting copies of her different facial expressions. While a copy of her open mouth head exists in a private collector's possession, no scans of it or her other heads as of yet exist. So, for now, custom files will be the best option.

A while back I had comssioned a file for a different puppet (to be discussed later), That I sent a print of, to a friend. He painted it up and, suprisingly, it works very well as a neutral Leech Woman face. This leaves her open mouthed face and her angry face still needing to be acquired.

279580358_272718128314105_5969942013052115829_n.jpg Leech Open Mouth.jpg Leech Angry.jpg

Chris VanVlair

New Member
So, while I am still paying off the Leech Woman files and try to sort out her heads, I went ahead and painted up the Tunneler Sculpt my friend made. I am blown away by how close this is to the original.


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