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A few month back, I was reminded of an old love of mine, the Puppet Master franchise from Full Moon. Back when I was a kid, I had tried to make the puppets out of G.I. Joes. Needless to say, as they were made by an 11-12 year old who had never tried to replicate props bfore, they were not very good. Since I'm now an adult with actual tools, some builing experience and knowledge of makers all over the world, I decided to give it a more serious attempt.

The first puppet I started with was Leech Woman

I started with this 17" Barbie I bought on eBay. I cut her hair short and covered her body with Rustoleum white primer, which I touched up with two different shades of white as well as a few touches of light purple acrylic paint, from Apple Barrel.

IMG_20201021_132134_5.jpg IMG_20201021_134609_4.jpg IMG_20201021_150646_4.jpg IMG_20201021_180325_8.jpg

After that I worked on painting her face. Everything, barring the red paint for her lips was done with Apple Barrel acylic paint. The lipstick was done with Testors red. IMG_20201022_153211_3_2.jpg IMG_20201022_160116_0.jpg

Next she needed hair. I had further cut down the blonde hair, now I needed a wig that would match. After struggling to figure out her wig size, I got a wig ordered. after a trim, it was as close to pefect as I could hope.

122616726_3349862521788386_8691524026552649369_n.jpg 123137162_3349862608455044_8830833465171724637_n.jpg

The next step for her will be getting her dresses made, starting with her part 3 dress, seen in the first picture.

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Time to break down the current progress on the next puppet; Pinhead.

I started by acquiring a Pinhead casting. The casting was in bad shape and needed all it's flaws fixed.

After doing as much repair work as I could, I primed and painted it.
IMG_20201104_122637_2.jpg IMG_20201104_123427_7.jpg IMG_20201104_150010_5.jpg IMG_20201104_161404_4.jpg
After getting the head painted I made a quick mold, in case something happens to the current one and as practice for something later in the project. IMG_20201123_094355_4.jpg IMG_20201123_115018_3.jpg
After the head was finished, I went and found a sweater and pants at thrift stores to make his clothes from.
Finally I needed a body. After getting some advice, I ordered an 20" tall infant mannequin off eBay. Once it arrived, I sawed off it's neck and added a hole into Pinhead's.

IMG_20201130_124424_1.jpg IMG_20201130_140210_2.jpg

And here's the current state of him, next to Leech Woman.
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Time for the next puppet to begin taking shape, a puppet only seen in the beginning of the first film; Kahn.

My journey began with the knowledge the puppet in the film was an actual character in burmese puppet shows, Zawgyi the Alchemist. Looking up burmese puppets on eBay, I found this listing and bought him. While he's way to big to be part of my set, he served as a great piece of reference.
When I posted the antique puppet in a Facebook group, another member showed the below piece. After getting my puppet, I messaged him and asked if he still had it. He did and explained that he had sculpted this as part of a deal with another person who has never fulfilled their end of the deal. We arranged a deal and I received it last Friday.
After the head arrived, I filled in a few casting flaws and made a mold.
IMG_20201204_181701_8.jpg IMG_20201205_111039_4.jpg IMG_20201207_103605_1.jpg
I did a test cast in plaster to check if the mold had any warping. It came of fairly decent.
After a failed first try, I managed to get a decent rotocast copy from the mold. After it was fully cured I took it to my garage and primed and painted it.
IMG_20201207_111827_1.jpg IMG_20201207_144555_0.jpg IMG_20201207_144648_3.jpg IMG_20201207_150623_1.jpg

Here he is, his mustache needs to be thicker and his beard braids need to be added, but for the moment, I'm calling him a success.


  • IMG_20201207_132521_1.jpg
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Figured I should do one more update before the new year.

First off, here's an update on Kahn

Next, I traded a Kahn head casting to another collector for a casting of the Hitler puppet from Part 3
Nothing crazy came of that, he just needed to be painted.(note picture two shows an in progress paint job)
IMG_20201214_130715_8.jpg IMG_20201214_185718_5.jpg
Here's one I never addressed, Decapitron. Before I got in contact with Vehicros, I got Decapitron's head parts and eyes printed by a guy in a puppet master Facebook page. After the parts arrived, I painted the head and collar and made resin copies of the mouth eyes and dome.

And we come to the final piece acquired this year. Clippo the Clown; used as a background set piece in the first film
IMG_20201230_154512_4.jpg Andre_Toulon's_room (1).png
He was redesigned as "Pajama Boy" in the Action Lab comics.
That wraps up everything on the Project for 2020, but this will continue in the new year.

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I can't believe it's been four months since I last posted in this forum. I've gotten a lot done for this project so, starting tomorrow, I'm going to be doing a whole bunch of updates.

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So, Im a little late, but here is the first update on the fastest six guns in the west; Six-Shooter


I started by frankensteining three drawing mannequins together.

I 3d printed his head and used the action figure as reference for his hairline, He accidentally got stepped on, luckily his head was salvaged by a combination of super glue and wood filler (see above). After that, he just needed a repaint.

Next I printed his hands. To mount them, I filled them with fast setting resin and stuck pieces of a wooden dowel into them to mount them to the arms.
So, now I had his body basically finished, he just needed clothes. After I had made a post showing off the progress of everyone in a facebook group, another member contacted me offering to sell me a shirt for Six-Shooter and and outfit for Torch. The price was right, so, we made a deal.

173656097_1173155709809958_2413201114245617547_n.jpg 173716267_859680491282927_6276553244131388301_n.jpg 172246989_4126625804124060_6860493187258027754_n.jpg
Unfortunately, this is where I hit a snafu. The seller actually pointed out that my Six-Shooter was too tall and told me how much to remove from his toros to make his accurate. With the aid of my building's maintenence man, I attempted to chop down two of his torsos. The first one cut through fine, the second one however, exploded for reasons neither of us could figure out. I attempted to glue the pieces back together. Unfortunately, I had to remove the tension spring that held them both on and when I tried to reattach them, it got over stretched. So, I attached the arms with string, sadly, it too is too loose.
Here he is, after reassembly. I just ordered some more mannequins, so, I'll be able to reassambled him soon. Then, I just need to get his outfit made.
As a solution to his guns, I ordered these USB's that I had seen someone else use. So, now I wait for these and the mannequins to arrive and try to find someone to make the rest of his outfit.

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Time to discuss the build process for fan-favorite puppet; Torch


Like most of my puppets, Torch is built out of a 20 inch wood drawing mannequin. I printed his hand, his flamethrowetr, his medal and his head on my Ender 3
Unfortunately, the files I was using for his head didn't fit together nor did it come with files for his bullet teeth. So, I decided to give up on these files and look for an alternative.
176334761_3821402141301086_73034351304716169_n.jpg 176382251_3821402484634385_8303588239662140774_n.jpg

Another fan I knew, actually had the files that were used to make Torch's head for the 30th anniversary replica. We agreed on a price and he sent me the pieces to assemble my own.
I started by cleaning the pieces up with sandings, wood filler and filler primer.
I removed the wings from my failed prototype and glued them to the new helmet.
176529948_3821403004634333_3359606066672106273_n.jpg 176444707_3821403177967649_6354546872024229466_n.jpg
for the rivets in his face, I used very small nails which i cut down and glued into his helmet.

176449035_3821403294634304_8588933450851666437_n.jpg 166354268_3749021271872507_8108473425648421679_n.jpg
Because the files didn't come with a mount, I had to improvise. I attached one of the Vehicros mount's I had printed and threaded the connecting bar through a piece of dowel, that I had drilled a hole through. The dowel then fit through the bottom of Torch's Head. 176532917_3821403454634288_3067079084577330047_n.jpg
To make his eye lenses, I adheared a red film to some thin plastic from hobby lobby and cut it so size, before glueing them inside the helmet.

Some other pieces I don't have pictures for.
*I acquired his outfit from the same Person as Six-Shooter's shirt. Sadly, the person who originally made it only works through middle-men.
*I sewed the 3D printed medal onto the outfit's pocket.
*The jaw was attached to the helmet using cotter pins.
*The flamethrower and hand are mounted to the body, the same way as Six-Shooter's; filled with resin and a wooden dowel.
*To bulk up his body, I used pieces of open cell foam

How he currently looks. The objects in my hands are the LEDs I'm going to use to light up his eyes. As for his boots, I'm trading someone a headcastof another puppet for a pair of Torch boots.

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Time for a few updates on Kahn


Realizing I needed to add the actual braids of hair for his beard, I had drilled out holes on hi jaw, under the sculpted beard.
Next, I took some leftover hair from Leech Woman's wig and tied it into little groups.
Finally, I pulled them through the drilled out holes with some pliers and glued them in place.

179556429_3839480792826554_8641233034620157141_n.jpg 174009582_3839480922826541_1265643749604864434_n.jpg 179468835_3839481086159858_4059747819257267176_n.jpg
Then, it was time to give him some more accurate feet. I started with a loose foot from one of the left over lower bodies I had from building Six-Shooter. I cut it down to size and sanded it until I got a shape much closer to the one in the film.

179468835_3839481309493169_2686984615452845035_n.jpg 174015483_3839481549493145_8920092634695750193_n.jpg 178658333_3839481762826457_1329587102435255200_n.jpg 179423173_3839481932826440_8964126552688023756_n.jpg
Realizing I didn't want to carve five more feet (I'm making two more Kahn puppets for someone else), I decided to seal it with a Rust-Oleum clear coat and then make a mold with some Mold Putty. I then cast up a pair in some fast curing resin.

Here's a size comparison between the original mannequin foot size and my resized resin cast foot.

178705520_3839482282826405_577163870985172003_n.jpg 179221942_3839483019492998_6681067662409494630_n.jpg
Next, I need to get the ball joints from the original wood feet to use in my resin castings. I got them out by using a jewelery screwdriver and driving it into the wooden foot with my hammer, which let me split the feet and extract the ball joint.

179402347_3839482429493057_8421698766643486050_n.jpg 179275524_3839482582826375_8660701754552294439_n.jpg 178391607_3839482729493027_5060932293986445563_n.jpg 179204078_3839483206159646_4795416699428142643_n.jpg 179423182_3839483532826280_1435754795839830277_n.jpg
I cleaned up the joints and the castings before gluing them together. I then swapped out the old feet on Kahn with the new ones. I then sprayed them with white primer, just as I had done previously to his forearms and lower legs. I then mixed up some red and black paint to get a shade I liked and painted his feet.


That night, even though I was sure he wouldn't be able to do so, I decided to try and get him to stand on his own. To my amazement he actually is able to stand on his own, fairly easily.

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Time for an update on Six-Shooter, specifically on his outfit.


To make his jeans, i simply cut off part of a leg from an old pair of worn out jeans. I'll use the same pattern for them as most of the other puppets.
IMG_20210611_132847_8.jpg IMG_20210611_140007_8.jpg IMG_20210611_162445_5.jpg
Next up came the bandana. After failing to find a suitable doll sized bandana, I lucked out and found a fabric with the perfect pattern at Walmart. It even had the pattern in a diamond that was the perfect size to cut out and wrap around his neck.

Now for tonight's project, prototyping the vest. I found a chair being thrown out by a neighbor and harvested some material.
IMG_20210615_205838_6.jpg IMG_20210615_210752_0.jpg
Took some measurements and made a rough prototype.
IMG_20210615_212938_1.jpg IMG_20210615_214114_2.jpg
I took some tools and a bigger piece of material back to my apartment from my shop. I was able to get a much better shape this time. I slipped it over his shirt and slipped both back on his body.

And with that, here's how he looks as of tonight:

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Time to update the progress of yet another puppet. The brains of the group; Jester.

Like with most of the characters, I started by printing the parts I needed, in this case; the three faces of Jester (not to be confused with the three faces of Foley)

Originally, I had printed his hands myself, unfortunately, they always came out brittle and ugly. Fed up, I had someone local to me print them on his resin printer. Now, I have hands for all four puppet who use those hands.


The next addition was to when I acquired an Always Sisters Brittany doll. These were used as the bodies for Blade, Tunneler, Leech Woman and Jester. They even kept the boots from the doll and used them as Jester’s. By luck, a reasonably cheap on appeared on eBay. I managed to snag her and gave her boots to Jester.
218758588_4068595553248409_7002144351329741728_n.jpg 220243595_4068595406581757_6617727230245858789_n.jpg 219794084_4068595186581779_6006773068428885342_n.jpg

And for the final piece of the costume, for now, his belt buckle.
219577582_4068597343248230_5036339605721463542_n.jpg 219714131_4068597013248263_8590902679970984435_n.jpg 219937474_4068596899914941_5446543598928429258_n.jpg 219111848_4068596293248335_7467042053813546131_n.jpg 219219542_4068596059915025_1044666238369987286_n.jpg 219833625_4068595916581706_4320161671313940373_n.jpg

I bought a pair of these earrings off eBay. I made a mold in mold putty and cold cast them with brass powder.

And that's everything up to date on the pronject, so far.

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So, the new Tunneler sculpt arrived a couple of days ago in the mail and, along with it came the new Kahn sculpt and a sculpt of Six-Shooter's boot. I'm going to try and get these all cast up this coming week.


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Great work so far. I've picked up a couple of the on sale over the years from the official site. Can usually grab them for about $100 at sales. Been following your thread with interest. Always wanted to tackle making one, especially a pinhead.

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So, time for a fairly big update. I am in the midst of having the action figure of Leech Woman from the 90's scanned, with the intention of scaling the files up to create accurate bodies for Replicas.

275933104_398008192325182_3547574035034758791_n.jpg 275334520_5235576623196050_3360262331200397727_n.png


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Now you just need to make the trunk that they all can be stored it. I love the films and you did great work on these.

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Have you tackled Blade yet? Also where do you get your clothes for them? I'm going to be making a custom Blade replica here but cannot find the proper clothing for him. Trying to be as screen-accurate as possible but I'm having issues finding the right stuff.
I've got his body sorted out. He has temporary clothes for the moment.

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