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Chris VanVlair

New Member
A few month back, I was reminded of an old love of mine, the Puppet Master franchise from Full Moon. Back when I was a kid, I had tried to make the puppets out of G.I. Joes. Needless to say, as they were made by an 11-12 year old who had never tried to replicate props bfore, they were not very good. Since I'm now an adult with actual tools, some builing experience and knowledge of makers all over the world, I decided to give it a more serious attempt.

The first puppet I started with was Leech Woman

I started with this 17" Barbie I bought on eBay. I cut her hair short and covered her body with Rustoleum white primer, which I touched up with two different shades of white as well as a few touches of light purple acrylic paint, from Apple Barrel.

IMG_20201021_132134_5.jpg IMG_20201021_134609_4.jpg IMG_20201021_150646_4.jpg IMG_20201021_180325_8.jpg

After that I worked on painting her face. Everything, barring the red paint for her lips was done with Apple Barrel acylic paint. The lipstick was done with Testors red. IMG_20201022_153211_3_2.jpg IMG_20201022_160116_0.jpg

Next she needed hair. I had further cut down the blonde hair, now I needed a wig that would match. After struggling to figure out her wig size, I got a wig ordered. after a trim, it was as close to pefect as I could hope.

122616726_3349862521788386_8691524026552649369_n.jpg 123137162_3349862608455044_8830833465171724637_n.jpg

The next step for her will be getting her dresses made, starting with her part 3 dress, seen in the first picture.

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Chris VanVlair

New Member
Time to break down the current progress on the next puppet; Pinhead.

I started by acquiring a Pinhead casting. The casting was in bad shape and needed all it's flaws fixed.

After doing as much repair work as I could, I primed and painted it.
IMG_20201104_122637_2.jpg IMG_20201104_123427_7.jpg IMG_20201104_150010_5.jpg IMG_20201104_161404_4.jpg
After getting the head painted I made a quick mold, in case something happens to the current one and as practice for something later in the project. IMG_20201123_094355_4.jpg IMG_20201123_115018_3.jpg
After the head was finished, I went and found a sweater and pants at thrift stores to make his clothes from.
Finally I needed a body. After getting some advice, I ordered an 20" tall infant mannequin off eBay. Once it arrived, I sawed off it's neck and added a hole into Pinhead's.

IMG_20201130_124424_1.jpg IMG_20201130_140210_2.jpg

And here's the current state of him, next to Leech Woman.
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Chris VanVlair

New Member
Time for the next puppet to begin taking shape, a puppet only seen in the beginning of the first film; Kahn.

My journey began with the knowledge the puppet in the film was an actual character in burmese puppet shows, Zawgyi the Alchemist. Looking up burmese puppets on eBay, I found this listing and bought him. While he's way to big to be part of my set, he served as a great piece of reference.
When I posted the antique puppet in a Facebook group, another member showed the below piece. After getting my puppet, I messaged him and asked if he still had it. He did and explained that he had sculpted this as part of a deal with another person who has never fulfilled their end of the deal. We arranged a deal and I received it last Friday.
After the head arrived, I filled in a few casting flaws and made a mold.
IMG_20201204_181701_8.jpg IMG_20201205_111039_4.jpg IMG_20201207_103605_1.jpg
I did a test cast in plaster to check if the mold had any warping. It came of fairly decent.
After a failed first try, I managed to get a decent rotocast copy from the mold. After it was fully cured I took it to my garage and primed and painted it.
IMG_20201207_111827_1.jpg IMG_20201207_144555_0.jpg IMG_20201207_144648_3.jpg IMG_20201207_150623_1.jpg

Here he is, his mustache needs to be thicker and his beard braids need to be added, but for the moment, I'm calling him a success.


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Chris VanVlair

New Member
Figured I should do one more update before the new year.

First off, here's an update on Kahn

Next, I traded a Kahn head casting to another collector for a casting of the Hitler puppet from Part 3
Nothing crazy came of that, he just needed to be painted.(note picture two shows an in progress paint job)
IMG_20201214_130715_8.jpg IMG_20201214_185718_5.jpg
Here's one I never addressed, Decapitron. Before I got in contact with Vehicros, I got Decapitron's head parts and eyes printed by a guy in a puppet master Facebook page. After the parts arrived, I painted the head and collar and made resin copies of the mouth eyes and dome.

And we come to the final piece acquired this year. Clippo the Clown; used as a background set piece in the first film
IMG_20201230_154512_4.jpg Andre_Toulon's_room (1).png
He was redesigned as "Pajama Boy" in the Action Lab comics.
That wraps up everything on the Project for 2020, but this will continue in the new year.

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