1. benderobot

    Blade 1/6 scale diorama

    Hi, this is my latest work, Blade 1/6 scale diorama, based on the Temple of Eternal Night from the movie. It´s made of extruded polystyrene, plasticard for model building and Das puttty, except for the Blade letters, the rest is handmade.
  2. Revolver99

    Skyrim Blade of Woe

    Hi All, Here’s my take on the Blade of Woe from Skyrim. This was all done during our first lockdown in Ireland with whatever bits and pieces I had around the place. This is the first stage creating the profile from styrene with cross braces glued in place to give dimension and prevent...
  3. MurderBagel

    Feasible to Modify a Sword to Make Anglachel? (LOTR Prop/Functional Sword)

    Hey All, this is my first post around here, it's a pleasure to meet you all! I go by MurderBagel, and I've had an obsession with Lord of the Rings for the longest time, so since this is my first sword purchase I naturally wanted it to be modified to be based on one from Middle Earth! I'm...
  4. Lakayitha

    Dust in saber blade

    Received my first working lightsaber today! But... I've been a bit stupid and I decided to shorten the blade without Googling how to first. Used a mechanical saw so it has a nice straight edge but unfortunately I got some polycarbonate sawdust in the blade and the foil this way (yes, I'll be...
  5. Chris VanVlair

    The Puppets of Puppet Master

    A few month back, I was reminded of an old love of mine, the Puppet Master franchise from Full Moon. Back when I was a kid, I had tried to make the puppets out of G.I. Joes. Needless to say, as they were made by an 11-12 year old who had never tried to replicate props bfore, they were not very...
  6. M

    maybe an original Johnnie Walker Blade Runner bottle from 1982?

    So there's a guy on eBay with this Johnnie Walker Blade Runner bottle and he wants a thousand Euros for it. Way too rich for my blood but if I suddenly had an inheritance or something, how would I know this is legit? I heard Johnnie Walker made some Blade Runner bottles for the release of the...
  7. A

    Witcher TV Show Sword

    Can anyone help me identify the measurements (blade length, blade width, crossguard width, grip length, grip width) for the sword pictured here? I was told you guys are legends at this kind of thing.
  8. Harada357

    Limited Run One Kit Available - Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop

    KITS ARE AVAILABLE NOW !!! 8/16/2020 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Blade Runner PKD Mk-VII Concept pistol blaster gun weapon prop Offered for a VERY limited run: $ 175.00 plus 25.00 Shipping US. Paypal: PM me. Include full...
  9. 0

    Calling all Blade Runner Blaster Fans... (lots of pics)

    Hi guys, I've only posted a few times on here and have been getting into 1:1 movie props. I bought the holy grail: a blade runner blaster but kept it quiet because it was 3D printed and I thought nobody would want to hear about it here as it was a "lower class" compared to a Tomenosuke. The...
  10. Hidden Blade

    Hidden Blade

    The hidden blade was made from popsicle sticks and hooked up with a fancy elastic band contraption in order to make it launch out when my wrist was tilted back. It was then painted to replicate the look of the blade since mine wasn't crafted with much shape. The belt and vambrace were bade from...
  11. Cosplay at a convention

    Cosplay at a convention

    Photos aren't exciting by any means... but for my first cosplay I was quite proud! Everything is handmade (minus my boots) from recycled fabric from second hand stores. I don't have a fancy studio or tools... so no airbrushing or resin casting was used.
  12. Cosplay Close up

    Cosplay Close up

    Photos aren't exciting by any means... but for my first cosplay I was quite proud! Everything is handmade (minus my boots) from recycled fabric from second hand stores. I don't have a fancy studio or tools... so no airbrushing or resin casting was used.
  13. C

    Completed UV Arc (Blade Trinity)! Insulation foam, worbla and LEDs

    I finished my UV Arc from Blade Trinity (never seen one made yet, so why not).
  14. C

    Blade Trinity - UV Arc

    Hi everyone I'm Hannah and I'm a cosplayer ( and this is my first post on this forum, although I've definitely been here more than once to find that little detail of a prop / costume that isn't easy to find! Anyway, my latest project is the UV Arc from Blade...
  15. ARKM

    Done / Completed Graflex 2.0 Razor Blade plugs

    UPDATE March 14th, 2017: This run is over. Thanks to all for their business. I appreciate it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi all. This is a limited run thread for a new style of...
  16. MKretschmer

    Kretschmer Kreativ Works of 2012-2015

    Friends, Just sharing a little video I put together for my website. It's a summary of my favorite projects from the past few years, including my wooden Enterprise model, Imperial Guard helmet, a lightsaber, a sith artifact and more. Hope you enjoy it and maybe even draw a little inspiration...
  17. Hall86

    Conan Atlantean Sword - Most accurate replica vs Price

    So I bought a knockoff Atlantean sword replica at LFCC on the weekend for a reasonable £80 (bearing in mind it's a convention aswell, so I probably paid £20 more than it's worth) I immediately compared it to the original prop and dismantled it upon getting home. It's a full tang (I think)...
  18. C

    Destiny hunters blade build (pic heavy)

    I found the plans for the Destiny hunters blade on bungi's website and had to drop my current project and make one. Some of my methods are a tad unoththadox as I am not very computer minded but they work if you're on a budget. I started by putting the image on my TV and zooming in till it was...
  19. MKretschmer

    Sword of the Daywalker [Blade]

    I made this sword years ago but figured I'd share it. The blade is stainless steel and the handle is african black wood. It's a modified design inspired by the Sword of the Daywalker from Blade. I sewed the scabbard out of 1/8" black leather. Cheers! []
  20. Jhonny Matiu

    Blade Costume

    so this is my journey up to now of a first ever attempt at costume building/prop making/using a sewing machine, all whilst trying to maintain patience with the learning process involved with everything it entails. Needless to say I've loved almost every minute of it (I can see how people become...
  21. Nox

    Purgatory Blade (Supernatural)

    So, who wants to learn how to make a replica of the purgatory blade from Supernatural? I know I did. So I went online and found forums that gave me a rough idea on how to do it. But no forum actually showed a step by step process. So I decided to make one for you all. If you...
  22. M

    Blade 1 Gun Replica Airsoft Gun Conversion "Bulldog" Mark 2

    I am creating this gallery to share something I have been doing lately. I am aware it is not a screen accurate replica as it is my "Bulldog" Version of the screen used prop. The differences lie in some surface details as well as the dimensions of the forward shroud. As this is a functional...
  23. Simpson77

    Blade's silver stakes

    Hi there, just a quick question for any one who owns an original screen used silver vampire stake from the movie Blade. I made one of my own for my collection out of aluminium just from screen refrences and I would like to know if my judgement of size was accurate. My spike measures 9" in length...
  24. A


  25. kindless

    Dishonored Corvo's folding blade build

    So this is my first real crack at prop making. I'm making the blade from basswood, and the handle from pine plywood. I have only a bandsaw and a dremel to work with, but it's been sufficient so far. The knife acts like a double-action switchblade, except where the the blade is two part the...