puppet master

  1. taibhse

    Detective Pikachu - Where Could I find fur for a replica?

    So I'm considering making a replica of Detective Pikachu from the upcoming movie, but I'm wondering where I could get fur that would suit and how to dye and colour it and trim to match his appearance over a solid form.
  2. Howat Props

    Dragon Puppet for the West end festivel parade in Glasgow

    hello again! recently myself and two others were asked to make a very large dragon puppet for the west end festivel parade in glasgow. So thats exactly what we did! This is technically not a "replica prop" so i apologise for that but it is my own design so i though i might as well stick it on...
  3. M

    Puppet Master Blade Puppet

    I recently scored a screen-used, hero puppet head and hands of Blade from the film Retro Puppet Master. The hat is a hero from Puppet Master Vs. Demonic Toys starring the lovable Corey Feldman.