Red Jammer Y-Wing Build by dtssyst (DaveG open source)

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by dtssyst, Jan 23, 2019.

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    A project that was not to be is now on the bench.


    It was not going to happen due to the overall cost (wife's medical bills are really putting a stop to a lot of our hobbies and interest).

    My 3D printer was just sitting. Doing nothing as it was intended to print most if not all of DaveG's Y-Wing files (special shout out: thank you DaveG for all that you have done).

    Then we found Studio Kitbash and his offering of Nurnies.
    Limited Run - LTD RUN: Studio Scale Y-Wing Nurnies, Limited to 30 Sets
    So, as a early Christmas gift to me, we ordered a set of seconds.

    This project is now full speed ahead. Our 3d printer is going strong and A LOT of nurnies from Studio Kitbash are sorted and ready to be identified by us.
    A very huge THANK YOU to Studio Kitbash for his efforts in making this a reality for us. If it was not for his research, funds spent, and more ... then offering casting of the parts (and some originals), this build would not be on our bench.

    Kristine is so awesome. She was of great help in sorting out all the parts into bags. She is also helping with looking at parts maps, finding said part(s) and laying them out on where they go. She loves puzzles.

    This is an image showing the beginning of us 3D printing. Shown with DaveG's armature that he offered:

    The layout of parts in my office. Resin cast parts are from Studio Kitbash:
    Y-Wing build yard.jpg

    Parts 'found' and placed where they go (orientation of parts not final):

    More to come...
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  2. t2sides

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    Great layout!!! This looks to be well on the way to an awesome build!!
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  3. vectorzero

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    Watching this one with great interest. I've got all the Dave G printed parts plus the superb Studio Kitbash mouldings. I also bought a good chunk of the donor models before the mouldings were released. The Y Wing is a special kind of obsession...
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  4. dtssyst

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    We sorted through a few more parts this evening.
    We used one of our own cast parts that were from the 'missing' DeAgostini parts. It is the tiny gun seen below the Kettenkrad track part.
    Studio Kitbash did an amazing job with his castings!
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  5. dtssyst

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    Progress has been made. May not be perfectly accurate but I am trying to do the best that I can.

    Wondering how to trim the parts, I remembered that I have the Proxxon saw. It worked perfectly.

    The larger of the two leggs eggs halves were measured and then trimmed from the open end. I took off about 20mm. That does include the little edge that helps connect both egg halves together. Note: that makes the egg approximately 1 5/8” from the tip of the leggs egg to where it glues to the saturn rocket.

    The other half of the leggs eggs had the locking edge cut off. I then trimmed off the top so that I had the rear (tail shroud) parts. The final measurement is approx. 22 mm. It is my understanding that I should use two front leggs eggs for this. I may try to get another two pair. Otherwise, these will have to do.

    The 1/144 Apollo Saturn V rockets were trimmed as well today. I trimmed off the locking ring and left 1 mm. This assist in support to glue the leggs egg in place and more glue surface area.
    The rear of the rocket had about 42 mm trimmed off.

    I had to add about 5 mm to the leading edge of each Plexiglass wing (received from DaveG). The reason is that the kit parts that go on the wings would not fit. Cut some wood on my Proxxon saw to size and then two part epoxy used to glue them in place. Used clamps to hold in place and to aid in alignment until the glue dried.

    Found a piece of wood in my closet of goodies for a make shift base. Also found a dowel rod that is the perfect size.

    Wire was run to each engine for lighting and also a wire to the forward fuselage so I can light the cockpit.
    A 9v battery will supply power from the rear of the ship. It will be hidden in an accessible compartment.


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  6. Studio Kitbash

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    Aah, the Old School Way. Now that's the way I like it! Can't wait to see this thing materialize. Looking really good, and tight, and clean, so far.

    And "Impressive. Most impressive" work - you achieved that in only TWO eggs! I confess, I had to sacrifice a few dozen eggs from L'eggs Pantyhose containers before I was satisfied with my width, which on my Saturn V stage ones (once placed over nacelle cores) was 69.4mm, which was undercutting the Saturn V upper rim outer-edge diameter by .1 mm, just so the top band of Saturn V ridging could stand slightly "proud" of the nacelle dome atop it.

    And then of course, on some of mine I've cheated and used DaveG's molded nacelle domes with plating already molded in, because they look better by far than anything I could produce, but still it's nice to see it done the old, original, hard way.

    Back or "bottom" side of the L'eggs Pantyhose containers could be used to make your rear vectrals, but I agree that they don't have the right angle. They might have been used on some of the Death Star surface tiles in large format, but I have no idea if that's true or not.
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  7. Jkirkon

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    Man, I remember when those LEggs pantyhose containers were plentiful, and you couldn’t give them away!

    I just bought a lot of those, I’ll only use a few of them, so if you guys need any, let me know.
  8. dtssyst

    dtssyst Well-Known Member

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    I could use two if you have them. I would like to redo the rear vectrals.

  9. Jkirkon

    Jkirkon Well-Known Member

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    They should be arriving in a few days. I’ll message you when they do and get your shipping info. I bought like 20 of them, so we’ll get you fixed up.
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  10. dtssyst

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    This is starting to look very awesome!!!

    The beginning of getting these two parts the correct size for the engines that I 3D printed.

    The back showing the wires for lighting.

    Blue dots were to assist in alignment using my combination square
  11. dtssyst

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    Engine 'Turkey Feathers" from Saturn rocket parts.

    I have newer tooled Saturn Rocket models. In trying to match the original Red Jammer turkey feather I added lines.
    Used an erasure as a guide and a razor saw to cut the lines.

    Cutting off the top (appox 25 mm) keeping the bottom for the build.
    Removed the 'guides' on the inside of the turkey feathered parts then glued them to the bottom ring. Taking note to not remove the bottom ring 'guide'.
    Not a perfect job but a lot closer to the original.

    Update: cut off about 23 mm from the top NOT 25 mm. Making the bottom part that will be used at 22 mm. I can live with being 2 mm off. Others building this replica may want to know this correction.
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  12. Jkirkon

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    PM sent
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  13. dtssyst

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    A little progress on the bottom.
    Not perfect but it sure does look good to me so far.
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  14. Flixen

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    I would be interested in 2-4 of them.
    If possible!

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