The Monster Room.. new pic 8/6

Larry, Im still looking at the pics and I cant get out of my astonishment!!!

Good god... I need to come visit and just sit in this room for a few days. Beautiful!!

i am in complete awe my friend. i have never seen a collection quite like that. JUst coriuos, how many years have you been collecting?

Sweeeeet room! I have never seen or heard of an equal. I'm curious, do you build costumes yourself from scratch or do you buy kits and make them that way?
man, i can only dream of having a room like that...
must have taken forever to get all those peices...
that's it, i'm playing the lottery so I can have stuff like that. grr.
I am grateful as all hell to have graced your Monster Room.....
Both your wife and yourself.....showed Carmen and I an overwelming amount of hospitality and just plain 'ol good vibes!
(good wine too!)
It was a pleasure to meet everyone else as well....(damn that cheesecake was mmmmmmmm! )
My pad, (though not as um..uh...jawdropping) is open to you and yours any day of the week.

(Hey Scott!)
It was great having you and Carmen stop by.
Happy Birthday to both of you!!
Hopefully we'll hook up again.
Nice Jason bust!
what an awsome room dam im still tryin to recover fro the shock all of those things gave me,soooo cool!!!!
i would kil to get a collection like that!! fact i might mmuhahahahahahahahahah lol
gr8 room ,love tha massive alien queen coming from da wall
hey man if you need any space... you know mine's always empty! like that pred suit and bios.... man those are crowding your room eh?
you should see it now....

Larry, time to update the pic. please!!!

Watching dawn of the dead in there was an exprience.

A few new toys...
That werewolf is gorgeous..look at those teeth!

.........All the better to eat you with my dear!
Talk about awe inspiring!! I remember first watching that werewolf movie and thinking "oh, it's gonna suck ass." I was pleasently surprised that it did not. I bet it scares the **** out of visitors. Talk about Pee-Wee's playhouse... sans the ****** up acid trip crap.

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