The Monster Room.. new pic 8/6

Larry, so,,.. you ,, uh .. married? Im available ya know.

The American Werewolf stuff is great. Love the nazi demon//Can you still get it?
On that endo, if you can take the head off , dremel out one neck link, itll set the head down a bit and will look perfect.
Who did you swipe the werewolf from? Those are some great preds too. I sent the link to my wife to show her just how a room should be and what it should look like if she loved me as much as your wife loves you. Pray it works for me guys.
man that is fricking cool collection there, one question that picture on the wall predator fighting aliens where did you get it. Where can i get one, if i cant get one can you take a digital photo of it and e mail it to me. i wont to do a painting of it.

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Its a lithograph...I have a small copy of it...
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My god!!!! That is totally bad ass. I would be in heaven if I had as many toys as you! Congrats!
Larry, My full name is Travis J. Fowler, just in case you want to leave me those Dorman Lithos and some of your pred stuff, especially one of those wearable heads in your will


The artwork on the wall are Lithos done by Dave Dorman... You sometimes can find them at shows and occasionally on the bay.

I Just got back from camping, The place looks really great larry. look at all those pred heads

Time to think about adding another wing to Kidd Monster Museum. see you on saturday

Thanks again guys.
The Barlow and Nazi demon were done
by Russ lukich.They're limited edition collector pieces
and no longer available.
Howard,I may take you up on the guitar bet.!
Larry, that room is insane! I was wondering where you got those black display cases for the Predator heads. I have a couple of items that could use cases just like those. Once again, that room is unbelievable.

J. D.
Jesus Larry, thats one serious collection you've got there! I thought mine was big but it don't come even close. I could stare at those pictures of your room all day and keep finding new stuff.

The fullsize Alien queen is what makes me most sick

BobFett survived a night in "the room".
I knew a guy that had a plastics shop
and he made those cases for me.
Unfortunately he went out of business.
I had a few made at a local glass shop
but they're really heavy.
You should make shirts that say "I survived the Monster Room". Actually, it almost gave me a heart attack when I walked in. Beautiful stuff. I'm not used to seeing finished pieces.
hey gk asylum would you mined if you can take better pictures of the P2 head thats on the top of the tv on the right hand side can u take pictures of both sides the top and under the chain plz thx
You are my hero!!! I hate you, in a good way!!!!

Wow, the problem is if I enter in your room I will never want to go out!!! you will need to call the police to make me out!

Lucas Alvarez
That is utterly insane.

Man that's cool. I dream of having a room like that one day.


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