The Monster Room.. new pic 8/6


gk asylum

Here's some pics of my revamped monster room.
Big thanks to Scott Paige for the custom shelving
and everything else he does for us.!
I need a bigger room!




Umm...Wow!!! You've got some great stuff there, Larry. There is such a thing as overcrowding, though. Let me know if you need me to take some of those pieces off your hands to make some more room. I'm going to start working on my own display room one of these days.
Cool stuff! Where can i get one of those Queen Alien heads? The front part of the head thats mounted on the wall.


Man! Larry, I never get tired of looking at your collection. The new set up looks awesome! I'm gonna show my wife the pics to let her know what my dream room would, and will, look like.......well maybe someday

My only critique is; you need a Vader helmet
Look at all that crap! The sexiest thing I see is that new custom shelf!!!
omg...I'm at a loss for words. I could spend all day just looking at all the detail and be amazed at the works of art. Your taste is the same as mine.

I love it...I want it...ALL of it!!!
The Monster Room..........YEAH RIGHT !! That should be called The Monster MUSEUM.

Incredible Collection. Nice Larry, very nice.

Ron :.
GAH!!!! Wow... Just wow.

I'd love to see all that in person. However, you'd probably be hoarse the next day from all the "Don't touch that", "Put it down, now", "Get that out of your mouth", "Do not put that on your head", "Why would you do that", "That's too heavy for you to lift", and the inevitable "Get out". Hehe.
Absolutely amazing! Thank you for posting those pics, now my wife can NEVER accuse me of going overboard on my collection!! That is a fantastic collection and proof that presentation is everything. If youre gonna collect the good stuff then ya gots to display it right!
wow thats what im aiming for... niceeeeeee

dont know if il have that much, dont even have a full time job
wow sure is impressive

congrats on the lovely setup

That is unreal. I think Id just lay around in there and scratch myself and never leave. Is that a LucasFrancis Endo?
That is definately one of the 2 or 3 best rooms Ive EVER seen. Mega impressed. I think I love you.
"Don't touch that", "Put it down, now", "Get that out of your mouth", "Do not put that on your head", "Why would you do that", "That's too heavy for you to lift", and the inevitable "Get out".

I think Andrew hears at least one of the above statements everytime he visits Larry's place.

Damn it Larry you got the new TV before I did.
Now THAT is a TROPHY ROOM of Trophy rooms! Fabulous collection there Larry. How long has it taken you to amass such an incredible collection? Truly magnificent.
Thanks everyone,
My door is always open.
If you're in the New York area, stop by.
If you spend the night,That's where you'll sleep!
The Terminator is an Icons.I'm told it's the only one
they made with the gun.That's the piece everybody touches!
The Queen bust I got from Bruce Hansing.
It's a full time job to keep everything clean and dust free.
If you have stuff and you hate to dust everything,like me,
try the Oreck air purifier.I would spend 2 days a week cleaning and keep everything covered in Plastic...the wife
loved that look!
I stuck two of those Orecks in there a week ago and it's
still spotless.These things work big time. Best investment
I've ever made.

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