The Monster Room.. new pic 8/6

Here's some updated pics.
These are not current but I haven't taken any new pics in a while.
Not much room left!!








i hate you :)

do you have a spcial insurance for your room? as i cannot begin to imagine what that lot would cost to replace, and i dare say most of it is no longer available.
*jumps up and down excited, pointing* PUMPKINHEAD!! CHUCKY!!! PINHEAD!! DRACULA!! OMG!!! DUDE!! U FREAKIN LIVE IN HEAVEN!! SKA!!
1. Is everything insured?

2. What happens with everything when you die?

3. Roughly how much money have you have invested in that room?

4. Do you like dusting?
i freaking love your alien and pred collection that must be heaven truly to sit with all those props well minus the gremlin he would freak me out if it was dark
You need to get a life? I say your dead cas that looks like heaven lol that P2 Elder loooooooooooks so KICKASS man!!!!! keep the pics comin
I always tell my family that if I had the money, my home would look just like that. Superb collection, mate. That's something I'd be very proud of. I would like to ask you where'd you get some of those from, just so I can keep an eye out on future en devours myself. Forgive me if it's been asked already, in the thread.
One day our house will look like that. As we finish our costumes we are getting Mannequins for them and we are moving into a house soon where we can have a Trophy room finally!

God that is gorgeous and inspirational.
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