The Monster Room.. new pic 8/6

:) Holy dear f-ing lord! I sooooo hate you. Just kidding! What in the world do you do for a living?!? I have to admit, if I had the kind of money you do, I would spend it on exactly the same things. :) I don't think I will ever be in New York, but if I do go, I will definitely stop by for some photo ops! You should try to get as many members of the forum to get photos taken with your stuff, what a keepsake that would be! Keep up the good work.
WoW, absolutly a beautiful Hobby...your collection is amazing!!!...from the devious pumpkinhead to the predator himself! i have to say, i envy your collection!! thanks for sharing
Just spotted this tread...I'm stunned! Can't even say my comic shop has that many props!
Awesome collection, heh, I remember Bad Moon
Hope you have some good insurrance to cover all this, you've gathered a small fortune.
Here's some pics of my revamped monster room.
Big thanks to Scott Paige for the custom shelving
and everything else he does for us.!
I need a bigger room!




Now THAT is pure eye candy! I would LOVE to see more pics and have them closer up to see whats all there because we only get a small picture to squint at...
I'll have to update this thread.
These pics were taken when I still had
some room.
There's tons more stuff now.
My collection is totally out of control.

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