The Mercury Men: anyone?

Jonny B

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Has anyone done anything from this? I know it's not huge or anything, but I found it entertaining, mainly because I'm a big Sci-Fi Classics buff. My Dad loved it too, and he used to go pay a nickel to watch "Flash Gorden" at the theaters!
Here's a link to watch it: The Mercury Men - Full Episodes and Clips streaming online - Hulu
It's free, no pirate site or anything...

I did a quick gun from it and am looking for more of the main characters outfit, I'll post up some pictures later :)
Yep. I posted a thread about it earlier this summer when it was first being run an episode per day on

I also had made the pistol out of a Colt Python .357 magnum squirtgun and have gotten the Colt Python .357 airsoft replica used in the show to modify later into the prop. The exact jacket is a bit tougher to find even though it's just a brown motorcycle jacket, and there are some jackets on the internet that are a rather close match. I think I did find a match to the driver's gloves the character had, too. Overall, it's a simple costume to put together, but it did look cool in black and white.
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Just watched episode 1. Great stuff! Thanks for the headsup on this show. Very cool. Post some pics of the guns you finished. Nice!
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