The Fifth Element - Korben Dallas Video Security Door Panel, Korben’s Phone, Zorg’s phone, Leeloo’s makeup box, Cockroach surveillance, Fhloston Phone


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I’ve been a huge The Fifth Element movie fan for a long time and I have a bunch of replica props from the movie.

I’ve had the Citizen CK451 LCD Color TV and Video Monitor used for the original Korben Dallas’ security Video Door for a number of years now, but recently I decided to purchase another one in preparation for this build.

I just used the front panel of the monitor, since I wanted to mount an old iPhone behind it to display different displays from the movie.
I attached hinges to the top so I can access the iPhone.

I designed the control panel based on the few screen captures I had as well as a small portion of the wall area.
I cut out the piece from sintra, painted it and applied a wet transfer print. I then matched the color to paint the edges then sealed the whole thing with Krylon clear gloss.
I also duplicated the one second shot of Leeloo and made a longer clip to play.

After a trip to Home Depot to purchase the wood and paint, I printed up the patterns for the sections I needed and cut out the parts.

Some priming painting and weathering, and I have a decorative wall hanger in the same size as the 221B Baker Street Door I made a couple years ago.





All in all, it took about a week to make since I wanted the paint to dry completely.

Here’s a short video clip:

Anyway, this was a fun little project since it has been a while since I made some replica props.
Eventually, I hope to add the phone holder and phone to the left of the screen.

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that looks amazing! Fantastic work!

Thanks Matt! I had a feeling you would appreciate this. ;)
I think your multipass kit was one of my very first The Fifth Element replicas .

I’m thinking of doing other display sections like this and perhaps a section of the Tardis may be my next project.


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hey all of that is great to hear!!! lol

I love the theme too. Door pieces from various fandoms. I dig it.

If you ever make Korben's phone from his apartment, please let me know I want one!


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If you ever make Korben's phone from his apartment, please let me know I want one!
I'm waiting on my Motorola 8500X to arrive to get the measurements and do a build, but I drew this up this morning just to practice:


First of its kind, amazing work!

Amazing! Really, I can't imagine it being better. Fantastic work.

That is very very cool

Super cool.
Thanks everyone! It's a labor of love when it comes to these types of builds, especially since I've had it on my to do list for almost a decade.
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Beautiful! I have one of those phones in a box somewhere. Need to dig it out!
I knew you would have one of these phones. I purchased one on ebay and hopefully it arrives in good condition.
While I'm waiting for the actual phone, I printed my 3D sculpt. I printed the buttons in clear resin and I just used some alcohol inks to dye the SND button and the antenna (which I will switch out with an actual colored rod once I go to tap plastics this weekend.
I also designed up the lettering and printed using wet transfer decals. I might print another base since mine is a little shallow compared to the reference pictures.
All in all, I think it turned out well and I just need to wire up the lighting.

Fantastic idea, beautifully realised! (y)

k I need this :lol:
Thank you! It's a pretty simple build, so I recommend making one. The monitor is only $40 to purchase and the wood was probably $15 total, plus a few more dollars on spray paints.


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Oh that’s very cool. I love a good obscure prop.

Thanks! The movie is full of obscure props, that’s one reason I love it.

I purchased some cheap rubber roaches and a robo alive roach. The robo alive is a lot larger but better shaped. I extended the antenna a bit as well since it looked a bit stubby.
I think the larger one will display better.



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Back to Korben’s phone:

I just received my Motorola 8500X brick phone and after using a caliper to measure the buttons, I realized that I was exactly 10% too large with my replica print.
The good news is that my proportions seem to be spot on, so I just have to print a resized version.


I thought my print was already on the small end, but I guess it needs to be smaller.
I’ll probably reengineer the whole thing as well to be more assembly friendly.

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