E.T. the extraterrestrial phone communicator device


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HI, It took me few months to research and find the pieces.. but there ye go
An exact replica...
Made with The same Vintage stuff


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Awesome job. I always liked the prop but its footprint was never something that was easily displayed. It just takes up so much space that I shied away from tackling it.


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1... Vintage Texas Instruments Speak & Spell RAISED BUTTONS version.

2… VINTAGE WALKIE Talkie Brand : Vanity fair model VF 41

3… Vintage SEARS SOLID STATE Portable Record Player 390 Blue Jeans Denim

** There are few. Versions But you need the one with White handle (( 45 – N – 33 ))

And Black stick on the Arm **

4… vintage Wooden Coat Hanger

5… Vintage Kromedge Craftsman 10" 28 tooth circular saw blade

6… Vintage Umbrella Red Green Yellow Blue Colorblock 1980's Wooden Handle Large

7… Vintage Martinson Coffee Can One Pound Blue EXTRA fine grain version

8… Vintage Aluminium funnel NO PINK !

9... Television Channel VHF Tuner Module - silver rectangular top chrome.

10… vintage one knife and one fork 9.25” large

11.. Vintage small speaker almost the same as the one speak and spell but 2 connections Positive and negative.

12.. White Cord

13.. 2 rubber bands blue and red

14.. bobby pins large. 18

15.. VHf white cord to connect the walkie talkie to the TV tuner

16.. 18 multi colour wires

17… 2 safety Pins

18 … Nuts and bolts

19 … Aluminium Foil

20 ,,, Vintage Rayovac 6 Volt Heavy Duty Lantern Battery

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