The DEFINITIVE TDK Joker Costume Thread/Project


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Okay so I had an idea. There's so much info here about where we can buy these pre made clothing, but what about for those of us who desire to make the suit ourselves? I know that I, for one, have a huge sense of satisfaction when I make my own costumes. So, what if we, collectively, made public flat patterns for the Joker's purple overcoat and green vest? They are both custom and unique pieces, so that's why a pattern would be useful. Just a thought. I would do it myself, but I have no idea on how to start or how to tackle the details, like the lapels ha.


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How are people making their shirts darker? It's a shade of purple in the film and for whatever reason all the sellers do them in blue


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I know I am reviving an old thread, but as a new member I just want to thank everyone who posted in it. I just finished reading through the entire thing and it's packed full of such useful information. Thank you again for this.


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Don't let this thread die!!

Possibly found already, but I did a search in this thread and didn't see them listed. I found these shoes, and of course they're sold out. But they exist!



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I'm putting together another 1:1 statue with a new silicone bust.

What hair color or specific product is the correct shade green?

Anybody have a source for accurate shoes other than Magnoli?



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Don't know where to buy the boots. I got mine from a friend of mine. I've bought the Joker's costume here.
And my girlfriend styled my hair with the help of a hot air brush which she found here.
To sum up, the overall look was great, my friends liked it...


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I know this thread is kind of dead but anyone know where I could find the albert thurston suspenders? I found them on ebay awhile ago but now I can't find them

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