The DEFINITIVE TDK Joker Costume Thread/Project


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It's a shame you have to sell your costume. I have recently started to make me one and I have some supplements. Good luck with your sale!!

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Thanks to partsguy17, I'm joining the ranks of the great TDK Joker's here at the RPF! I've got to say, the Gorify wig is fantastic! Since I'm usually quite bald, the Joker was never a costume I thought I could ever pull off effectively, but I'm pretty pleased with the look after my test fitting tonight.

Here's a pic from earlier. More available on my Facebook profile linked below, but I'm pretty pleased with how this one came out in particular.

Didn't use any scar prosthetics tonight, just a quick makeup application. I kept it pretty light, which I actually like it being more subtle.



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if it hasnt already been said look on ebay i bought a screen accurate jokers costume on there a few years back and i am really fussy abouyt everything being spot on and i was over the moon with my purchase


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Finally got around to casting one...



I'm looking for CURRENT tips on the costume: affordable shoes, a 36-inch chain (they're "flat curb" chains, right?), and a "safe" knife.

Do you still make these knives or sell them? I'd be very elated to purchase one from you for use at Comic-Con! Thanks!

I say "current" because I know a lot of the previous links are no longer valid, for one reason or another.

I got a decent vest from eBay ( but it needs some SERIOUS tailoring as it's nowhere near form-fitting enough. Further, I've noticed some accuracy discrepancies in the collar, pockets, etc.

I'm thinking of going with Magnoli for: braces, gloves, vest, and perhaps the tie. I already have the Hot Topic shirt (with the hexagons pointing in the CORRECT direction), socks (they'll do...but I MIGHT splurge for better versions) and tie (it's not GREAT, but it'll do...although I may cave and get Magnoli's version) and some GREAT pants I found at a second-hand shop in Hollywood.

Wondering what everyone thinks of's products?

Anyway, any help (and links) is VERY much appreciated. I remember there used to be a webpage that was a GREAT resource for the costume (they even had help for the automatic-firing gun replica, knives, grenades, etc) but I can't find it anymore.

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Thought I'd also post it here. I'm currently selling a Magnoli twill vest if anyone is interested.

And I'm also interested in those rubber knifes :).


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I've got some really good pants that I can use for TDK Joker. Does anyone recommend a dye combination and/or best dye?
They're currently a gray with white pinstripe from Banana Republic. I'll post a pic later if it would help.


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I have a shirt from them, and I'm pretty happy. Not screen accurate but does if committed. I finally was able to finish my Joker costume, thanks to my wife made ​​the vest and she modified the pants and coat. Here is the result although the pics are not very good.




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The pants are magnoliclothiers. The problem was that the pants when it arrived were three or four sizes larger, then my wife dapts the pants to my size and now they great!


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This is my Joker costume. I'm waiting for Magnoli gloves that do not have my size. The suspenders are Magnoli, and I'm still improving things.

Hope you like it.

Greetings from Spain
IMG_1829.jpg IMG_1782.jpg IMG_1788.jpg IMG_1790.jpg IMG_1794.jpg IMG_1801.jpg IMG_1808.jpg

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