The DEFINITIVE TDK Joker Costume Thread/Project


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I got to get some scars and does anyone remember what makeup to use ? I know that one guy talked to Ledger's M-U's 8/29 I got to get Magnoli pants still, clock is ticking. Dang, i need some cash.

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Well....My Magnoli pants and braces are being made as we speak. So...the costume goes as follows: Magnoli pants, braces, gloves, tie. I have one of the shirts from ebay and my vest is being made locally by a seamstress. I found a green wool blend that I like as much as what I've seen. All I got left is the coat...Magnoli or Baron ? Opinions accepted as well as donations. Thanks


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Quick question for all the Jokers here: Has anyone had dealings with the Chinese company Is Eight in Shanghai or Cosarcade? I'm expanding from SW costuming, and would like to put together a Joker costume, either full outfit or nurse. Magnoli's stuff is beautiful, but out of my means right now. I saw both a nurse dress and full TDK joker outfit offered by these guys on ebay:

Batman Joker White Nurse Costume Uniform Coat Jacket Tailor Made Free Shipping | eBay

Full Joker:
The Dark Knight Joker Wool Costume Trench Coat Blazer Vest Shirt Tie Pants | eBay

They look fairly accurate, and the seller has good feedback. Just wondering if anyone here has dealt with them.


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Thanks for the info. Looks good, and priced in a spouse friendly range! :lol

Interesting though: I was looking at the nurse costume they offer, and although it's billed as screen accurate, it appears to me missing the breast pockets....


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Ok guys I need your opnions on this im putting together a joker costume for halloween and im trying to get as detailed as possible. I need to know where is the best place to get a full joker costume because I have seen the ones on Magnoli Clothiers and thats just too expensive to get all of that for was looking at this one Dark Knight Joker 6 pcs Costume Set * Wool trench Coat Version | has anyone got this one and liked it or what? Because I ordered the knife, the socks and the suspenders and getting the gloves off of Magnoli site soon. But is the one on cosplaysky any good or what? Thanks

the question is do you like it? if you think it looks good, what does it matter what other peoples opinions are? I've order myself this same 6 pcs set from cosplaysky because I like it and happen to think their coat is better than hellocosplay, but some people think the latter is better.


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reading through this thread has really put a smile on my face, I see so many people working really hard to get the best, most screen acurate costume, spending 100's of dollars on the coat, the blazer etc. Making sure they get the best, down to the finest detail....and then they cheap out on the make up and the scars by using rigid collodian. Seriously, you can afford to spend over $500 on the costume, asuming you get it from Magnoli Clothiers, yet can't afford $53 for a set of silicone scars?


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Finally got around to casting one...





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Very nice cast of the knife, if I was going to keep my Joker costume I would get one but I think I'm going to sell it or part it out which ever is first so look for a TDK Joker for sale thread :)

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