Terminator 1984 T800

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    Hey everybody, Ive been searching for a month now on parts for this costume and I haven't had much luck. I'm hoping to get some direction from here. Ive searched this site and although I have found some good leads, I still haven't been able to find everything. If someone can point me in the right direction to finding the grey shirt used in the police assault scene, an airsoft AR-18, and latex eye and face pieces it would be much appreciated. So far I had a custom leather jacket made, got Gargoyle Novus glasses (I can't find the classic usa model), spas 12 airsoft gun, and I bought tan BDU military pants which were the closest I could find.

    Still needed:
    Grey shirt
    Square toe boots
    Latex endoskeleton

    Ill post pictures of the pieces I have as soon as they come in the mail.
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    need some help with something I am working on. looking for Terminator sound clips for ALL the movies & games & sound fx. I went online but can only find a few . if someone can pm with a zip of every thing i'd be super thankful.

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