The Terminator: Kyle Reese; Resistance Soldier Future War Jacket


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After seeing the Kyle Reese Jacket up for auction I wanted to make my own.
After sourcing some parts, I got to making.
It is pretty simple, Alpha Industries MA1 Jacket green or grey (weathering will cover base colour) original had silver zip...mine has gold but it’s not a big problem, double D loop belt, webbing and some padded moving blanket material...

After getting the parts together I had to get the template ready for the soldier ID number . I did this by taking a picture of the original and using photoshop warped and skewed back to straight, printed it out...cut that out and used as a stencil.

after spraying in the stencil I got pretty close to the original

Screen used top, my recreation on the bottom. I tried to match the smudging and marks.
Now onto weathering the jacket....cut the padded material to shape...and a lot of sewing
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