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  1. Sio

    T-700 Terminator Build

    Hi to all Terminator fans. I wanted to share my latest project. I was missing a T-700 series skull to my collection so I created this one. It took about 2 months to build in my spare times. Hope you like it! (For those who want more details on the build, you can visit my project page here...
  2. Silesky

    T-800 face mask

    Hello! I just want to share with you this mask modification I made. -First I sculpted a lower skull face mask for a customer. -Then I casted a blank copy to modify it. -I used epoxy putty, a couple of chopsticks and a lot of cutting, pasting dremelling and sanding to reshape it. -And...
  3. MakeShiJie

    Make Terminator t-800 nuclear fuel cell

    Hi everyone Recently I 3D printed a Terminator nuclear fuel cell,then painted and weathered it. So this is the final result. Meanwhile I made two versions, One complied with the original props without connecting the two parts, and the other I connected to ensure the structural...
  4. RoboForceGo

    1:4 T-800 Endoskeleton (1984 ver.) ZBrush WIP

    Hello! I wanted to share my current mission to sculpt a faithful (within my ability) rendition of the original T-800 endoskeleton from the first Terminator film. I'm currently using reference that's freely available on the web as well as the Argonauts vinyl kit (which is based on the T2...
  5. Sio


    Hi terminator fan's! Here is my second terminator build I'm posting today. It was built with future war in mind. It is a mix of 3D printing, styrofoam carving, painting and electronics. Here is a link if you are interested in my building process and get more details on this and...
  6. HandsomeDan

    Terminator 2 Bust Gregory wig

    Hi all, this is my first ever post on here so i dont know exactly what im doing haha im making a 1:1 terminator statue from T2 . this will be my fourth statue, tho i normally have someone else do the wig and eyebrows. i attempting the wig a couple years ago ( gregory wig ) but when i cut it for...
  7. XB2000

    "Gamin" project : a 800 series Terminator prototype

    Hello, I'm introducing here : >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! << I created a Youtube channel for the project : Gamin C01G Presentation : The Dream : I was really disappointed with Terminator Dark Fate. The future is getting closer and as a super fan of The Terminator and...
  8. Dutchy

    Terminator T-800 Black re-design resin printed

    Hello and good day, Not so long ago i build a T-800 Arm according to 3D files someone made and posted on Thingiverse (a website for 3D files to share), after building this i really like the color when it was covered in black primer before applying the chrome paint finish. So instead of building...
  9. onderon

    The Andrew (Andy) G. Vajna collection auction

    Hi Everyone! I'm not sure many of you know that Andrew G. Vajna passed away this year. He was the producer for many classic movies like Rambo I-II-III, Die Hard, Judge Dredd among a few. His widow has organized an auction of Andy's personal memorabilia. Part of the income will go as a charity...
  10. FabiKurz

    Terminator Sunglasses

    Hi Everybody! Here is one of my first projects, years ago, The Terminator sunglasses (I wore it to go to the movies to see Terminator Salvation). I hope you like it, Regards, FabiKurz
  11. Jake Kassnoff

    Terminator Skull from Halloween Decorations

  12. FabiKurz

    Terminator Brain Chip

    Hi everyone! This is my Terminator Brain Chip home-made replica. It is just a painted piece of styrene with a few stripes of styrofoam that I placed and cutted in little squares. I hope you enjoy it. Greeting, FabiKurz
  13. M

    Build the Terminator T-800 magazine subscription

    G'day Folks, Does anyone have any experience with this mob (Hachette Partworks)? The total price of this would be steep, but I'm tempted anyway. In Australia, it's about AUD 18.00 per issue for 120 issues (weekly) so a 1:2 scale T-800 is AUD 2160.00. https://www.buildtheterminator.com
  14. JtotheP

    Becoming The T-1000 Terminator From Judgement Day

    Research and patience was what I learned the most with this build as it took me three months to finish. The helmet was a custom paint job by me using Matthews paint, The liquid metal bullet holes I sculpted out of clay, then made a silicone gang mold of the three sizes, cast out of resin and...
  15. K

    my latest project. Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton

    Hi all. this is my latest project. a life size Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton. i started working on it sometime in October last year. it is starting to come along nicely now. there is still loads to do to it though. more sanding, filling, make this bit and that bit. etc, etc. but it will all be...
  16. phaeton1911

    Terminator fan game trailer

    This just dropped yesterday. the first trailer for a terminator fan game
  17. mutronics

    Summer Glau 1/6 Terminator Head

    Just finished painting these up. Pete
  18. mlasschuyt

    Modification of plastic Terminator 2: Endoarm

    I have decided to add some weight to the endoarm as it is very light because it is made from plastic.. First I thought everything was molded together so I didn't know you could take it apart like ths. I was pleasantly surprised! I used some play-dough to fill up the...
  19. mutronics

    Limited Run Summer Glau Terminator 1/6 Scale Head

    Hi I have these resin 1/6 scale Summer Glau Terminator head sculptures for sale They come with the neck connector for a Phicen body, but this can be easily sanded down and a hot toys connector added. Each head is £25 plus postage. Thanks for looking Pete
  20. Razvan

    Sideshow T2 repaint and weathering

    Hi, guys! A while ago I cleaned up my battle damaged T2, looking for a clean look. but the more I look at it, the more I miss the weathering. I wanna add a battle damaged and weathering look to it. I have experience with makeup FX and airbrushing, but never painted a collectible before. I know...
  21. E

    Need Help: Terminator T800 Endoskeleton Manufacturer?

    Hello dear Friends, I got a Terminator kit given. Unfortunately, this kit has no construction manual. In addition, based on the box and no manufacturer to determine. Does anyone know this kit and knows where it comes from? Does anyone have an explanation where I can get a blueprint? I found...
  22. terminator68

    build your own Terminator T800

  23. dbowker3d

    Terminator 2 Minigun and Grenade Launcher

    I made this as part of our whole family (myself, my wife and son) going all out in a Terminator 2 theme for Halloween this past October. I'd meant to post a little sooner but... Anyway, I bought some minigun replica plans to get me started, but I ended up using several references as well as some...
  24. M

    My attempt at a Terminator

    Been putting this together the past year. Great learning curve especially the flesh tones on the head. Look forward to comments and constructive advice.
  25. H

    Terminator Salvation Game - T-7T Tetrapod

    Terminator Salvation Game - T-7T Tetrapod

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