1. Rylo

    Sold / Thanks

  2. B

    Want to Buy Sidedhow Collectibles Terminator T800 Chrome Bust

    Looking for the original bust from Sideshow and Stan Winston Studios, the clean chrome version There's plenty of flee-bay but their pricing is nonsensical! Thank you!
  3. K

    my latest project. Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton

    Hi all. this is my latest project. a life size Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton. i started working on it sometime in October last year. it is starting to come along nicely now. there is still loads to do to it though. more sanding, filling, make this bit and that bit. etc, etc. but it will all be...
  4. phaeton1911

    Terminator fan game trailer

    This just dropped yesterday. the first trailer for a terminator fan game
  5. tmax

    27 x Hot Toys & Sideshow Figures - NIB

    27 Hot Toys and Sideshow 1/6 figures. All figures are New In Box unless otherwise stated. Here's the list... Hot Toys Captain America – Rescue Uniform Version MMS180 - $340 Captain America – The First Avenger MMS156 - $280 Thor – Avengers MMS175 - $190 Iron Man 2 – Mark IV MMS123 (opened but...
  6. mutronics

    Summer Glau 1/6 Terminator Head

    Just finished painting these up. Pete
  7. mlasschuyt

    Modification of plastic Terminator 2: Endoarm

    I have decided to add some weight to the endoarm as it is very light because it is made from plastic.. First I thought everything was molded together so I didn't know you could take it apart like ths. I was pleasantly surprised! I used some play-dough to fill up the...
  8. mutronics

    Limited Run Summer Glau Terminator 1/6 Scale Head

    Hi I have these resin 1/6 scale Summer Glau Terminator head sculptures for sale They come with the neck connector for a Phicen body, but this can be easily sanded down and a hot toys connector added. Each head is £25 plus postage. Thanks for looking Pete
  9. Razvan

    Sideshow T2 repaint and weathering

    Hi, guys! A while ago I cleaned up my battle damaged T2, looking for a clean look. but the more I look at it, the more I miss the weathering. I wanna add a battle damaged and weathering look to it. I have experience with makeup FX and airbrushing, but never painted a collectible before. I know...
  10. E

    Need Help: Terminator T800 Endoskeleton Manufacturer?

    Hello dear Friends, I got a Terminator kit given. Unfortunately, this kit has no construction manual. In addition, based on the box and no manufacturer to determine. Does anyone know this kit and knows where it comes from? Does anyone have an explanation where I can get a blueprint? I found...
  11. T

    build your own Terminator T800

  12. dbowker3d

    Terminator 2 Minigun and Grenade Launcher

    I made this as part of our whole family (myself, my wife and son) going all out in a Terminator 2 theme for Halloween this past October. I'd meant to post a little sooner but... Anyway, I bought some minigun replica plans to get me started, but I ended up using several references as well as some...
  13. M

    My attempt at a Terminator

    Been putting this together the past year. Great learning curve especially the flesh tones on the head. Look forward to comments and constructive advice.
  14. H

    Terminator Salvation Game - T-7T Tetrapod

    Terminator Salvation Game - T-7T Tetrapod
  15. I

    Movie paintings

    Hi I'm new here, thought you guys might like some of my movie paintings
  16. shareahack

    Animatronic Terminator T-800 Endo Skull / Bust Scratch Build

    Hi all T-800 fans, I'm starting to seriously plan my Model 101 scratch skull build! The idea will be to 3D-print the skull and then fix up the print's imperfections with bondo/plaster/clay and spent a lot of time fixing the details by hand. I acquired this 3D model where the author claims it's...
  17. horus

    do I use the terminator bomb bag or just stored it ? from propstore auction

    Hello All, I got the terminator bomb bag from propstore auctions. It is great and it arrived from the USA in a big box with loads of packing, thanks ! I will be bidding on some more items. My question is what to do with it now, should I use it everyday as a work bag? or just leave it...
  18. C

    Terminator T-800 Endoskull measurements

    Hi all. I'm 3D printing a Terminator Endoskull and would like to see how much I need to scale this model up. Could anyone give me just some rough measurements on length, width, and height of just the skull. Like I said, doesn't have to be anything too exact, not looking to print an exact...
  19. A

    Complete T-600 Costume Build

    Hey guys, I wanted to share this build with you: a complete T-600 costume from terminator salvation! I've wanted to do this project for years, and now it's finally happening. I always liked the look of the character, and I love the idea of a wearable endoskeleton suit. The parts include: custom...
  20. A

    Terminator T-600 weapons

    Hey all. About a month ago I started my most ambitious project yet: a full T-600 costume with endo parts, tattered clothing, guns, mask, backpack, etc. I've already custom made a rubber mask, but now I'm starting the guns. They consist of a garwood industries m134d (updated version of the dillon...
  21. Dangerhawk

    T-800 Endoskeleton

    Here is a scratch-built T-800 Endoskeleton I did about 10 years ago. Hot glue and wooden dowels. I made it from screenshots from the DVD...and I made the head way too big!!!
  22. mutronics

    1/6 Scale Bust CSM101

    Almost finished this and thought id post some pics. Thanks for looking Pete
  23. H

    Terminator Genisys: Spider Tank

    Terminator Genisys: Spider Tank Final product: Not a big fan of this design, but still a fan of the T2 Centurion, and glad to see it in action in a Terminator movie. I got my hands on an expensive Terminator Genisys miniature game Spider Tank, which is sold out at the moment (hence why it is...
  24. T

    Terminator .45 Longslide replica

    I want share few photo about my Terminator Longslide replica. I have hunted years to get a accurate replica from t1. I have ordered from a collector, who have only two for sell. He have a cosplay friendly variant too. But im realy lucky to get one. This arrived double boxed, with secure orange...
  25. mlasschuyt

    Sideshow T-800 Life-Size Bust Mod

    Almost 10 years after I've purchased the 1:1 T-800 SS bust (clean version) and inspired by some mods on this forum, I've finally decided to do something about the eyes. The first mod I did just after I bought it was using a dummy battery in order to tone down the bright LED's but the drunk...