1984 STANTZ Project - The Uniform.


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Hey gang!
I am going to attempt this two tone look.
I made a mock up of what I feel like the original colors could have looked like.
In this pic Im showing how it currently looks like. I feel like the colors have probably faded over the last 38 years. I toned down the contrast in the two tone and darkened it back up a bit.
My current plan is to dye the whole thing to get it all back to the lighter of the two tones. Then disassemble it, separate the darker pieces and do another dye bath on those. Then the fun task of reassembly! lol
I am documenting the process as I go in case anyone wants to attempt this themselves.

Ive highlighted in green the darker toned pieces. Once the suit is dry from the first dye bath, Ill be starting the task of taking those parts off.

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