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So after creating my life sized dinosaur last year (I will get around to putting up some pictures soon), I decided to up the ante and build my own Tauntaun.

My inspiration comes from here: Scott Holden's Tauntaun Costume

As I don't have access to the solidworks file he used, I have been measuring my figurine and trying to work with it as much as possible. I'm using the same idea of having the legs detach from the body to make it easier to transport and get into. I am also going to make the head detachable to keep it from getting damaged.

The dinosaur wound up being fairly heavy so I'm doing my best to keep this one much lighter - having to make the rounds in the neighbourhood with the kids and stand around for hours at parties makes this essential :)

I am looking forward to any and all feedback as I progress, however please keep in mind that I always try to keep my costs to a minimum (it has always been my goal to create fantastic costumes without breaking the bank). I'll give the final total of my supplies at the end of my build.

The head is to be carved from a block of expanding foam insulation - I found a local guy who filled up a box for me which was way cheaper than buying a bunch of cans and doing it myself!

I just started the other night and carved the basic head shape out of the foam and built the main part of the body's frame. I got in a lot of time today and once I upload the pics to my pc, you can see that the main body is nearly complete.

Before today:

After today:
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Awesome! A Tauntaun riding suit is definitely on my list of projects... Great to be able to watch someone's work on one!
Thanks! This one has me really excited.

So I've got the stilts built and just need to make a few additions for them to be ready. I will be stitching the calf straps tonight and will have them installed some time this week. Sorry for the bad iphone pic, the angle I took this one from makes it look like the stilt tilts forward, however they are straight and have roughly 2 inches of movement at the ankle. IMG_0888.JPG

I will be using foam to extend the dog leg back farther and to create the feet. In my first test run, I've found that I can't take a very large stride which will make getting around the neighbourhood a bit of a chore.
Really looking forward to seeing this come together:)
Finally had some time to get back into the garage and do some work. I have the legs shaped out now and just need to pick up some foam so that I can add some feet.

I've been looking around to try and see if I can find a place locally to get the fur from but nobody here seems to carry anything useful. One more place to try tomorrow otherwise it looks like I'll have to order something in.

I also hollowed out the head to make it even lighter and to fit the eyes. Hopefully this weekend I can get some pics up of it.

Haven't had time to do much this week (a few Pearl Jam concerts will do that to you :))

I figured I'd put up a pic of me in the frame and wearing the stilts. I promise to get a better pic up next time!

I managed to track down the fur I'm going to use and will be picking it up on Monday, so if all goes well, I may have the body done by next weekend. Once that's done then I can get work on making a saddle, fake legs, etc. thttp://www.therpf.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=69013&stc=1&d=1316917039o
Whoa, cannot wait for the finished product. I love how you're utilizing the reverse-joint legs as stilts!
Wasn't able to get as much done this weekend as I was hoping for, but I did make some good progress. I still have some seam work to finish up on the main body and some spots on the tail as well.

I managed to get the left leg nearly complete - the ankle area needs a little more fur and I also have to add the fur that will attach to the main body.

The frame is hanging a little lower than it sits when I'm wearing it. I need to raise it about 2-4 inches to get the right height before I can connect up the legs.

Overall I'm quite happy with how it's turning out, and my costs have been surprisingly low (I'll give a rough total at the end of my build). If I can find some time this week to get the fur done, then next weekend I can hopefully spend some time on the head and try to figure out exactly how I'm going to mount it - I want to make it detachable.

Looks like you are going in the right direction. For the life of me I can't remember who did a build like this before. It was at CV in orlando and was a Rebel Legion member, can't think of where I saw it other then that.
This is AWESOME! I have a special affection for costumes that elegantly hides or disguises the human form... this one has that in spades!

GREAT job so far - I can't wait to see this completed! :)
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