Star Wars toy artwork


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So I found this in redbutton s studio - and there were many toy illustrations that got me so excited about props!

lonepigeon were you involved in these illustrations, or any of your colleagues? This is just a trading card game, but I remember similar things on Power of the Force toy boxes
I didn't work on it specifically, but I was doing art for Wizards of the Coast around that time and Star Wars publishing so a bunch of my work could have made it onto cards. I have no idea how many though. I wasn't credited and I didn't get any cards.
Edit - Lots of fan made cards online. Hard to tell what's legit.
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You have to be my favorite SW artist, not just because you're on the RPF, but you seem to nail a lot of the stuff (as far as how I saw it in my head) only described in books. For example, the scene from Republic Commando where Etain meets Darman for the first time. I was also looking at an old SW Insider the other day and love the art you did for the Clonetrooper guide where it had the vertical art with all the clone variants and the one with the Republic Commandos. They should have done prints of those or something.

Wasn't that first pic of Palpatine with Plagueis from the Jedi VS Sith Essential Guide?

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