Empire Strikes Back Dak Ralter Helmet Build


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The kit with misc. parts:


This another project that I've been sitting on for a very long time, but during that period, I was able to collect several types of stickers and other parts that may or may not be more accurate. Here's some reference photos of the original:


Here's a licensed version that has been sold out for a while:

380A8051-copy-scaled-600x600.jpg unnamed-19-scaled-600x600.jpg
I've started out by cleaning up the two shells:

IMG_5201.JPG IMG_5202.JPG

The resin piece seems to be missing the center line, so I've marked where it should go and measured it. I checked a classic photo of the Luke helmet from ANH and oddly enough, that helmet looks like it only has two lines, so maybe that's what the original idea was:


A reference from the white/blue helmet from ANH does show three lines:


I found a mill that was the correct size, so I just milled in the center line and then cleaned up the piece a bit with an X-acto knife:


There's still some cleaning up that needs to be done. I might just completely mill through the piece like the ANH version, but we'll see.
Taking a closer look at the resin piece, I noticed that it's a little longer than the Dak version:


It actually resembles the Luke version more, so I'm going to hack saw off most of this area and then mill it clean:


While milling it, I decided to go ahead and cut straight through the grooves. Also, it looks like this part may have originally been vacuum formed, so I've removed all of the sharp edges with some 220 and 600 grit:


Some modelers puddy needs to be applied to even out the sides, but I'm going to wash this part along with the rest of the parts and let them dry for now.
Up next, the chin cup.
So I've looked over the reference photos and it does look like there is a slight bump on the top and probably the bottom of the cup, so I'm going with this version:


I use our "weapon" of choice (the Dremel) to cut out the piece:


I use a large X-acto knife to clean it up and score the lines for where the strapping material will eventually go through:


I use the smallest drill bit I have to make several holes along the score lines:

I use a couple of different sized X-acto knifes to clean up the lines along with some 220/600 grit:


The lines are just under 3/4" long. Up next, assembly.
I used a large clamp and a heat gun to create a right angle on the styrene strip:


I also marked a circular area on the strip where the edge will meet the helmet halves, cutting it out with a large X-acto knife.
Carpet tape maybe a better assembly technique, but I'd like to get some use out of my styrene glue, so I used some heavy duty clamps to keep the strip in place on one helmet half:


The glue takes 24 hours to solidify completely, so I glued one section at a time over the course of several days.
The RS is not licensed. But their work is invariably awesome.
Note that the front cap of the mohawk on Dak's is missing the little tabs that stick below the rim that all the other helmets have.

Great start!
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With the right side done, it's on to the left side. There's no room to place clamps accept the top and bottom, so I started on one end with a clamp and several pieces of painter's tape, then finished off the rest of the helmet with a clamp near the top:


I started with super glue in an attempt to speed up the process, but between the clamps and the tape, it wasn't necessary, so I just used styrene glue. I finished it off with a bead of the glue along the inside seam to add some extra durability.
Today I was able to remove the remaining tape and the last clamp:

IMG_5231.JPG IMG_5232.JPG IMG_5233.JPG IMG_5234.JPG

Up next, fitting the "mohawk" front piece, helmet cleanup and adjustments.
Time to fit the front "mohawk" piece. Here's what the front of the mohawk looks like:


And with the resin part attached:


I used a large X-Acto knife to remove some of the styrene:


There aren't any really good reference photos from this angle, so I think we're good.
Here's a side view:


Up next, painting. The good news is that the weather is looking a lot better toward the end of this week, so I'll give it a shot then. :)
The “ resin piece” at the front of the Mohawk isn’t resin , it’s just vac formed plastic on the original helmet .

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