Tardis,- from a cereal box?

J Scorn

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Hello so with christmas around the corner and all my commissions coming to a final end for 1014, i need to keep these working hands moving... so im grabbin' what i have lying around and build a scaled replica of a Tardis. 8 months ago I had the opportunity to build a full scale Tardis for a cosplay festival, and with the plans fresh in my head this should be a quick project that will keep my focus through the christmas holidays.

so, armed with flatted cereal boxes, super glue and a pair of scissors.. time to get started.

ive used a ball point pen to mark out the wood grain. more can be seen on hybridconzepts.com
Nice, the Doctor approves...

that is hilarious and quite apt.

- - - Updated - - -

so some update shot, as ya can see from the pic im also building a full size dalek
Are the TARDIS measurements and dimensions available somewhere? This project is awesome and reminds me of Stan Munro's incredible toothpick art...

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