TARDIS Console question for the experts


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So I have a question for the TARDIS Console experts. Particularly, those versed in the consoles from the original 26 seasons. I found two broken switches on my console. I went out and bought replacements that match the existing switches (so the bank of switches match).

It occurred to me after I bought them that the Doctor would not bother matching the switches. He'd go to his junk box and replace them with whatever he grabbed (as long as it's compatible). I think it would be more in world to pick switches that DON'T match. The BBC definitely didn't bother to match stuff when they patched the console.

The obsessive compulsive in me wants to match the switches, but maybe I should pick one out of my box of left over switches.

What do you think match or mismatch? Would love your opinions!!!
I like the idea of replacing anything that breaks with whatever the Doctor has lying around, but it depends on the style of console. I really do like the symmetry of the original 60s interior, so replacing a switch with a random bit of hardware might look odd on that console, however it might look great on the 2005 or 2010 consoles.

Do you have a photo of your console? I'd love to see it, and it might help me give bit more concrete answer.

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