Perception Filter TARDIS key replica

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Finished up a somewhat more accurate build of the Perception Filter TARDIS keys from the series 3 finale.

Used a filed and sanded JMA steel key for the base, and added the correct chips, wires, and resistors on top. The SIM card was super-glued to the key, then I glued on leg of the resistor to the bottom of the timer chip, and glued that to the key on the right of the SIM card. Once that dried a bit, I stripped both ends of the black wire, soldered the left end to the resistor and the right end to one of the legs on the timer chip. Finally, I stripped two ends of the small red wire, bent it to 90°, soldered one end to the resistor and black wire leads, and the other end to the SIM card itself.

Once everything had dried and cooled, I added a twine cord, looped it through, and had a finished replica!

I'm leaving the teeth of the key un-cut, as this one is currently for sale on my Etsy store, so whoever purchases it can choose to get it cut either to match a random Yale-type key, or to match their own TARDIS prop.


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