TARDIS Scanner Screen "Prop"


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I am working on a scanner screen for my console room. It's kind of a prop. The first step was to paint a view.

I decided on the Tomb Of Rassilon from The Five Doctors

The Tomb Of Rassilon Post.jpg

The next step is to modify a frame to look like the scanner screen from the 4th Doctor's TARDIS. I plan to make a small amount of the shutters showing to imply an opening and closing screen.

Here's the reference image (I took some artistic license, the real image is a little too grey)

Let me know what you think. More Soon!
Alright, This is complete. I just need to move some stuff around in the console room to hang it. I put plexiglass over the painting to make it look more like a computer type screen, so the photo has some glare. It looks pretty good in person. Let me know what you think.

TARDIS Scanner Screen.jpg
I've actually thought about the Rassilon painting. Getting good images to work from is tricky. Although with that season coming out on Blu-ray it might be more feasible now.

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