Nuclear Missile Control Console build


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Hi everyone.
I have been making various technical props over the years, just for my own entertainment.
I started making this control console prop about 3 years ago, it started off pretty small & gradually got bigger over time as I acquired more surplus items for it, several from a previous job. Not a direct movie replica prop as such, but I was inspired very much by the movie War Games.
Think it is pretty much complete now !
It has a fully functional industrial grade DOS PC that can run lots of cool old programs & games. Hope you like it.
Cheers, Chris.


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Thanks for the comments. Yeah I do want a proper 1980s vintage keyboard, the current one was a freebie.
But they are not real cheap - between $80 - $100 AUD (Australian Dollars, that is) on ebay typically.
I will get one eventually.
I got all the main parts from a previous job in the TV broadcasting industry, was a bunch of stuff to be disposed of so I grabbed them.
The DOS PC unit was an analog TV test set. I re-labeled all the buttons on the panels, this took awhile to do, not to mention breaking several button covers in the process (Luckly had several spare covers to use !). Removed any surplus circuit boards/modules to reduce the weight. Fitted a DC power supply to power all the globes (yep it mostly uses incandescent globes, 24v DC). The very top keypad unit is an actual Australian Navy control unit, found by chance on eBay. Have some cool DOS programs I can run, including a very cool ATC type game called Rapcon, simulates an ATC radar display. I was surprised to find so many interesting old DOS programs on the web. However, I can only load stuff onto the PC via floppy disk, brings back memories ! Oh, I put together a handbook for it too, using info I found on the web for the real version of this console. It has been a fun project.
Very cool. Love the Emergency Action Message light. I’ve wanted to do a take on the “Football” (Presidential Nuclear suitcase) from the movie The Dead Zone, for years.

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