9th/10th Doctor TARDIS console "orb".

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Found this a couple years ago in a local vintage shop, and I've finally figured out a display for it. As far as I can tell, this is one of the same IKEA paperweights used on the TARDIS console from 2005-2010. The original product came with a light-up base, but as I got this secondhand, I didn't have one.

Using an old LED puck light, a shower wall flange, some paint, and superglue, I made a proper display stand for it. The puck light original had a rounded lens, but I had to remove it so the paperweight could actually sit on the flange. I gave the exterior of the light a coat of gold paint, and weathered the whole thing accordingly. The light has three modes, solid warm white, shifting RGB mode, and solid RGB color mode. I tend to leave it on shifting mode, as certain shades of light (blues, greens, etc.) don't shine through until it shifts back to other shades (reds, yellows, etc.). The resulting effect gives it an almost lifelike, breathing look. Very TARDIS-y, in my opinion.

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How dare this go unnoticed! Lovely stuff. I've been meaning to collect all of these for a nonexistant display at home. Maybe one day we'll finish it all!
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