Studio Scale AT-AT Parts Breakdown and ID Help


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Hello Everyone,

I am beginning to compile my SS AT-AT model kit parts list into a full breakdown and was wondering if anyones up for helping to identifying parts I'm missing. Looking around on the RPF theres a handfull of treads on SS AT-AT builds but many are so old now the pictures and info can't be seen. And may accounts/ makers are no longer active to ask questions too.

My plan is to make a full list of kits needed and a breakdown/ parts map similar to the outstanding work that Ogibendogy did with the Slave 1 map and reference.

I've made progress on many parts of the AT-AT but thought I'd start this tread with the head, to hopefully get things moving then move onto the rest of the body.

Honestly any help would be appreciated even if it's just to help ID one part.

Many thanks
ATAT Breakdown PG 1.jpg
ATAT Breakdown PG 2.jpg
ATAT Breakdown PG 3.jpg
ATAT breakdown PG 4.jpg
ATAT Breakdown PG 5.jpg
Hi everyone, these last few pictures should cover all the details still to be ID on the head/neck. Please tell me if I've missed any parts out and I'll try add them in before moving onto the body and legs.

Thank you to everyone thats gotten involved so far, especially rooker2k for sharing his insane knowledge of model kits parts.

ATAT Breakdown PG 6.jpg
ATAT Breakdown PG 7.jpg
ATAT Breakdown PG 8.jpg

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