1. iceman

    Screen Used AT-AT part from ESB -

    HI _ I don't think I have ever posted this piece, it is in my Dad's collection - This was given to my dad by a former employee of his that went to work for ILM starting with Empire - the Grey piece is from the AT-AT that got its head blown up, this is the "gun sight" on the blaster cannon on...
  2. WIlhelmScream

    What is the 'white model process'? (as covered in the Sculpting A Galaxy Limited Edition)

    In the Limited Edition of Lorne Peterson's Star Wars Sculpting A Galaxy book, among the extra features is advertised a 12 page booklet covering the 'white model process': What is this 'white model' process? I have been a long-time fan of movie miniatures but have only recently started making my...