1. W

    Any studio AT-AT kits out there?

    Hi guys. Old member who's been away for quite sometime but getting back into modeling and have always wanted to do a large scale AT AT. However, I cannot find a kit for the life of me. I was wondering if anyone had any kits or new of anyone that was making a studio scale or larger kit to sell to...
  2. nikter

    AT-AT Revell/Wotc kitbashing

    Hello, this is project I finished 4 years ago, my first kitbashing expirience, I hope you will like it) The "Revell" kit and "Wisards of the coast" miniature are quite same in size and both are really inaccurate models with lot of missing details. I decided to make one good model from them. I...
  3. Star Wars At-At Walker Costume

    Star Wars At-At Walker Costume