1. thawn_es

    Star Wars Resin CO2 bulb cartridge x2

    Hi all! I have for sale x2 pressure castings of CO2 bulb cartridge in black resin. Accurate item used in star wars props like han solo's breathing mask in esb, at-at helmet, etc... Price include PayPal fees and shipping
  2. iceman

    Screen Used AT-AT part from ESB -

    HI _ I don't think I have ever posted this piece, it is in my Dad's collection - This was given to my dad by a former employee of his that went to work for ILM starting with Empire - the Grey piece is from the AT-AT that got its head blown up, this is the "gun sight" on the blaster cannon on...
  3. COlson

    Bandai 1/144 AT-AT Imperial Walker build

    I've completed my build of the Bandai 1/144 AT-AT Imperial Walker. I added a red 0402 SMD LED to the interior of the cockpit and glues some AK Interactive micro balloons around various areas to simulate settled snow. My full gallery can be seen on my website. Star Wars Ep V Ship Models |...
  4. Hagoth

    Fully articulated 24" tall AT-AT adventure

    Inspired by starks Revell AT-AT WIP upgrade thread seen here Revell At-At WIP this build thread is a spin off to dive further into dissecting the stop motion articulation of the studio models and attempting to replicate what is seen on screen. The premise of this thread is be an open build for...
  5. W

    Any studio AT-AT kits out there?

    Hi guys. Old member who's been away for quite sometime but getting back into modeling and have always wanted to do a large scale AT AT. However, I cannot find a kit for the life of me. I was wondering if anyone had any kits or new of anyone that was making a studio scale or larger kit to sell to...
  6. nikter

    AT-AT Revell/Wotc kitbashing

    Hello, this is project I finished 4 years ago, my first kitbashing expirience, I hope you will like it) The "Revell" kit and "Wisards of the coast" miniature are quite same in size and both are really inaccurate models with lot of missing details. I decided to make one good model from them. I...
  7. Star Wars At-At Walker Costume

    Star Wars At-At Walker Costume