Stormtrooper blaster variations


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I just purchased a great replica Stormtrooper blaster from Kurtyboy(thanks Marcus :) ) and after finally getting it on display i started to read up more about the Stormtrooper blasters.Why where there so many different blaster variations on each film.Obviously each blaster differed in every film,but there were a few variations on each one with ANH seeming to have more.

Why is this?


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Realistically, prop guys only had so many of any given piece. A few real sterlings, a couple of any particular scope (M32,19 etc), some H counters and the mystery cylinders. In the star wars universe, they're all supposed to be identical

Since most were never meant to have any screen time, they didn't really care what was on them so long as they looked alike on film. It wasn't until people like us started disecting the film frame by frame that any difference was ever noticed.