Stainless steel Stormtrooper blaster

Very cool! Looks like it could be a e-11 prototype by BlasTech Industries to bridge the gap between the e-10 and e-11. for that reason I’d leave it unpainted. Great work!

Why would the E-11 be any kind of development of the E-10? One's a carbine and one's a long rifle; the one is no more a development of the other than an M-4 is a development of an M-16. I've always assumed the two weapons were developed side-by-side, to fill different roles. :/

Anyway, here's another vote for "don't paint it." The developmental prototype is a cool in-universe explanation; another option is that it was a presentation piece - perhaps given as a memento to the engineer that designed the E-11. Whatever story you want to give it, it looks amazing and is decidedly unique.
That's amazing. Many years from now, someone will dig that up and wonder why it was made!
Yeah, I'd be hard pressed to paint it had I made it...
Thanks guys, if I do end up painting it, I’m not saying or posting pics…think they may be too much backlash lol.

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