Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser closing?

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They need the cash for other plans, apparently…

That's $60 billion over 10 years, spread out over all the theme parks and the cruise line. How much of that is just standard operating expense anyway?

It's like saying: "I made $1 million dollars at my job!" and what I mean is I received a salary of $50,000 a year for 20 years. Seems less impressive, right?
It looks Disney is conducting exit interviews of guests that stayed i/on it to see what went wrong and/or they could have done better. There's also rumors floating around that they're looking at bringing it back in some form or another.

You want to know what went wrong? Most people can't afford to go. Bring down the price you greedy ******* rat!
That's what I've always felt was wrong with the Starcruiser. It wasn't the setting, it wasn't the immersiveness, or lack thereof, or the size of the rooms, it was the price. They could have changed all of that, set in the OT aboard the Tantive IV with Han, Luke, Leia, Chewy, et, al, and be boarded by Vader, made it so immersive that you'd really believe that you were in the Star War universe and even the shyest, most introverted person would freely & comfortably participate, and they could have made all of the rooms the size of a decent hotel room but kept the price the same it wouldn't have made a difference in the long run. It's still too expensive and lacked a broad enough appeal amongst those who could actually afford to have it made it profitable. At best, those changes could have delayed the closing, but that's it, they wouldn't have been enough to save it. When you can book a real cruise going to real destinations for the same or less the Starcruiser which only lasts 2 nights and 1 whole day isn't a great value for your money. The way it was priced, it only attracts the most die-hard of Star Wars fans and on top of that, the ones with that kind of money to spare.
I’ve thought they should have themed up their cruise liners, and built a Skarif base resort on their Caribbean island. Imagine rebels vs imperials shenanigans on the voyage over, then a day of themed boot camps once you get to the resort, costume up and pick a side. Capture the flag games for the kiddies amongst the palm trees and AT-ATs.
when i first heard about a Star Wars hotel... i was excited .. when i saw what they made... i was let down and bummed that i would not be going to this garbagefest. Hotel sounded awesome and the ideas were amazing, but when it came out what they did... i wanted no part of it, and frankly had no budget to even look at it. When i saw the videos of the paid promoter influencers i was glad i wasn't able to go.
The new LFL/Disney should have an anti-midas nickname.. everything it touches turns to garbage. With few exceptions.
Considering (just using head math based on my opinion solely) 40% of those who went, were YouTubers who got on for free.

Even some of them said it wasn’t worth the 5k price tag, and they paid nothing.
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The whole Starcruiser thing must have been at least partially a test of the concept. If it had been a hit, or even near to a hit, they could have done similar things with other franchises.

"It's too expensive!" . . . say the people with $10,000 worth of other SW toys, props, costumes, videos/games, etc.

Disney was not wrong for thinking that a percentage of SW fans might pay several thousand bucks for something. They were just wrong about the specifics.
considering the number of Star Wars fans, and the numbers they posted for attendance, i would say the percentage that would pay several thousand bucks is close to single digits.
considering the number of Star Wars fans, and the numbers they posted for attendance, i would say the percentage that would pay several thousand bucks is close to single digits.

Single digits might have been enough to justify the Starcruiser, at least for a while.

They rolled the dice. Took a risk. An experiment. It was far from the dumbest idea that Disney has had with SW. And they are probably telling the truth when they say they learned a lot from it for future theme park stuff.

I do think they were stupid to price it quite that high, and to center the adventures on the new movies. That stuff was harder to excuse.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be shocked if they began the project with a lower cost in mind. (Cheap? No. But maybe not as high as the cost eventually became.) Big new untested ideas have a way of project-creeping.
The core problem is that it isn't Star Wars.
I'd argue that it was Star Wars, it's just an aspect that we've very little exposure to and they were essentially unexplored territory with aesthetics of the Starcruiser. Over the course of the franchise we've had very good looks at what civilian life in the Star Wars universe is like. Our glimpses have been largely the dirt poor or working class, and some of the ultra wealthy in the form of Amadala and Mon Mothma and even then it was just where they lived and worked. We never saw any middle or lowr upper class citizens, the ones who would go on a cruise like this in real life. And besides sabaac and pod racing, we've never really seen what people in Star Wars do for fun nor have we see the insides of many civilian vessels either, mainly run down freighters, along with tons of Rebel and Imperial warships and each of those have their own aesthetics so saying that the Starcruiser doesn't look Star Wars enough isn't saying much. It's not Star Wars enough because it doesn't look enough like a Rebel/Republic warship or an ISD on the inside? This is the first time that we've been given a look at a cruise ship in the Star Wars universe, so I'd say that this gave them the freedom to do whatever they wanted and having been on a few cruises in my life, it looked pretty cruise ship like to me, about what I'd expect for a cruise ship in space.

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