Star Wars Andor (Disney+ TV series)


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The original production, time frame for filming along with initial locations, and word of mouth, says the original plan for Kenobi was to use those AndOr sets. The Kenobi we got was a shortened rewrite and new creation VS what it was. Kenobi we do need to remember filmed during peak 2020 rules and regulations in Los Angeles leaving some leniency on sets or practical locations short comings. I'm hoping AndOr is a step up from the Porta potty fecal fiasco truck it in truck it out SW we've been getting and not how far can we step all over it redundancy that's become normal.

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Some non-AK news ;)

In a nutshell: Andor will have 2 seasons, and final episode of season 2 will link directly into Rogue One.

I'd like to imagine that the only reason they are doing season 2 is to bring in Alan Tudyk playing K2SO. :lol: We all want to see that! They have to do a scene where they are trying to reprogram him because I'm sure it would be hilarious.


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Not to alarm anyone, but..... He's got a Star Wars zipper



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Enough with all the F@#$%&ng prequels....I know how it all plays out...I don't mind Disney flogging Star Wars, but FFS stop using existing characters that we know are going to croak.... ;)

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