full scale

  1. On Camera

    On Camera

    Tim and Dre in costume next to the rocket, during one of the scenes. Photo credit Joseph Gruenthal
  2. Ready to Shoot

    Ready to Shoot

    Finally assembled, I scrambled for a solution to the fuel tank problem, and finally just decided to cover the fuel tank mounting area in aluminum tape (which you can see in the next photo). A desperate, last-second attempt that worked out! Photo credit Joseph Gruenthal
  3. yankeetrex

    Life Size Jurassic World Pteranodon Head

    Hey Everyone, Projects are happening fast and furious (As you can see with 3 threads in less then a month), with some actually getting small runs so i'm excited about those and will be sharing them with you soon! Anyway, Here is something that may or may not see a mold sometime soon. Really...