ST TNG PADD Kits (CNC Machined Aluminum!)


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I have some extra units left from a run and wanted to bring them here in case there is interest. This was a limited run, there will not be another for the foreseeable future as I'll be moving onto other designs in 2024.

Do you love PADDs but rounding acrylic edges a pain?
Do you appreicate the feel of real machined metal to give props a bit of heft?
Like DIY kits?

Then this is just the PADD kit for you!

These are fully cnc machined kits, with the outer shells and chassis being 6061 aluminum. Additional parts such as the “big button” and the green indicator are aluminum and acrylic respectively. Includes acrylic transparent “screen” as well to protect the artwork.

The front shell is magnetically attached with N52 grade magnets to swap graphics out.

Includes four different swappable graphics for the main screen, provided courtesy of Carl Mazur (Thanks Carl!) These are printed on a transparent plastic, and a white vinyl sticker is included as a backing material to really make the colours pop. Here is a shot of the items in the kit:


And some shots of a completed build up:



Graphics included are "Riker Personnel File", "Systems Integration", "Particle Analysis", and "End Transmission". A bonus "Crusher Personnel File" graphic will be included as well (see below).

A free printable stand is also available here (please forgive potato quality, my PETG filament was wet).


These kits are $85USD + shipping.


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