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Some will already have seen the WIP thread for that project:

I wanted a very accurate kit for my own blaster and decided to do a few more kits in case people wanted them. Showing off the WIP parts a bit online, I realized I might not have made enough for everyone, so, i'm opening a quick interest thread to gauge if I need to do a few more kits and not make you guys loose too much time waiting in the meantime!
That means a few kits are almost ready already, i'm just gauging to see of I need to start working on more soon.

Final full kit includes:
- Set of 4 aluminium side plates with accurate round detail on the thick plates. Thin plates are also assymetrical.
- 1x laser cut black Delrin scope mount (measured from original RO72 rare plastic mount)
- 2x cast motor coil plates (cast from original part by Ryan Clinton and his wife)
- 2x cast falcon missiles (cast from original phantom part and colored like the original)
- Black resin scopes with 3.5mm aluminium jack tip (modeled from amazing references, cast with straight molding line on both side like the original)
- 2x accurate metal sheet screws for the scope
- 1x cast Bulgin buttons for the scope (cast from original accurate button)
- 2x 16mm black resin hemispheres
Price of the full kit: 195€ + shipping
I will be making a few partial kits without the cast real parts, for people that already have them. I have to keep the full kit ratio much bigger though and sell the casts my wife made so carefully and cleanly.

Final partial kit includes:
- Set of 4 aluminium side plates
- 1x laser cut black Delrin scope mount
- Black resin scopes with real 3.5mm aluminium jack tip
- 2x accurate metal sheet screws for the scope
- 2x 16mm black resin hemispheres
price of the partial kit: 165€ + shipping

and on top of that, you choose your vacuum cleaner front sight greebly, between two options,
here on the front sight, not included:

1 - resin printed and polished clean greebly, 14€:

2 - cast from the very rare original and accurate part kindly provided by Teecrooz, 19€:

option: RO72 conversion back aluminium cap: 25€

individual parts and casts will be available.
All cast from original parts available right away, main parts, Scope, side plates and mount available with the second batch of kits.
- Set of 4 aluminium side plates : 92€
- 1x "marker cap" front greebly : 14€ or 19€ depending on version
- 1x laser cut black Delrin scope mount : 8€
- Black resin scopes with real 3.5mm aluminium jack tip and 2x accurate screws : 65€
- Black resin Bulgin button: 9€
- 2x green resin F4-E phantom half bombs: 14€
- 2x black resin motor coil plates: 10€
- 2x black resin 16mm hemispheres: 4€

Final update on timing:
first batch of 12 kits opens March 11th at 8PM CET
second batch of 12 kits couple weeks or so later
third batch of 12 kits, couple weeks or so later again

for those that know me, you know how this all works now, if you don't know me, you can find all details in the spoiler tag bellow to keep this thread clean
cheers all!

How/Where to buy when ready:

As usual, everything I sell can only be purchased on my website,

Supergreen props - Handcrafted collectibles

I am obligated by the French law to edit an invoice for any money that goes into my bank account and the invoices have to be sequenced. The only way for me to handle that is through my website. It is easy for you, the website is fun and bilingual, it is perfectly secured and the payments completely handled by Paypal. You just need to register, enter your shipping address and the shipping costs will be calculated automatically. Make sure to enter your address as soon as you create your account as shipping costs are shown for France by default.

I know that some people might feel uncomfortable with a website, but please understand that I have no choice and that, even though there is a website, it’s still me, eethan/Matthieu, behind everything and you can reach out anytime for any question here or by mail

I’ll always be happy to help or have a chat; really, you know I’m a friendly and talkative guy and love to talk about cool props, so, don’t hesitate!


As explained above, I am obligated by the law to edit a sequenced invoice with all my sales, this goes exclusively through my website. The payments are completely handled by Paypal checkout, with buyer protection, and you can choose to pay directly with paypal, credit cards through Paypal (even if you don’t have a Paypal account), or even local payment options like iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, Giropay, MyBank, P24, EPS... At no time will I have access to your payment information or bank details, never. When the order is paid, you’ll receive confirmations by mail for every step of the order and an invoice.


When you are logged in and have created an address, shipping costs are automatically calculated in your cart. There are two options, less than 3cm in thickness or more than 3cm. I encourage you to take the less than 3cm option when available as it is much cheaper and still tracked

All shipments are shipped with the French post service and tracked; you’ll receive the tracking number by mail when the package ships. It can be tracked directly on your local post website, usps, royal mail and so on. No need to use the French post website link included in the shipping notice mail if you are not in France. If you didn’t receive a tracking number, please check in your spam folder or don’t hesitate to contact me, it’s important to get it

Shipping time varies greatly and we all know it has been pretty unreliable lately, however, to give you an idea, it should usually take between 5 to 12 working days to get from France to the US, there can be some rare wild exceptions that I sadly can’t foresee, however, so far, I have never had a lost package, so fingers crossed, it continues that way!

Customs taxes:

All orders are shipped from France. If you are outside Europe, it is possible that your country collects customs taxes or fees, I can only let you know that this is a possibility and encourage you to know how your country deals with international packages and know if you have to pay taxes and how much they are. Please understand that this is out of my control.

Always eco-friendly whenever possible:

As I explain on my website, I try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I live and work in a farm in the south of France, I have all kind of animals around me and we try to respect nature as much as possible. We have a hedgehog in the garden and a lot of bees coming back lately, so hopefully things are taking a better turn!
This kind of work, let's be honest is not by definition eco-friendly since it's purely for our enjoyment and not something we all need to survive (or do we?). That being said, I do my best to always use recycled and recyclable shipping materials or even clean re-used materials sometimes. I also try to do as much as I can for the projects themselves.
By the way, the French post service that I’m using is 100% carbon neutral since 2012 that is only for France obviously, but that’s already something I guess

Photos of the full kits! (missing the real 3.5mm jack tip for now) prototypes. final parts are visible on page 2 and on the website.








comparison real parts/casts:
(real one is on the right here, not the one that was cast by Ryan. As you can see, this original is more bubbly than the casts)



partially assembled blaster to give an idea :)

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CORRECTION: IN for a full kit sans endcap!

I’ve had this air pistol for over a decade, just waiting for the best parts.
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