SS snowspeeder


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hey all

I just started work on a studio speeder, its based on the mid sized speeders, wat you see here is the hull and canopy in 2mm styrene, and a paper test fit engine box, lots to do as yet but wondered if anyone has any info on parts used, im led to beleive maybe the some of the saturnV was used on the cannons? and the centre of the main thrusters are from an armor kit ill find, but any help would be welcomed.

oh yes my mid sized, she'll come out around 18" when i determine gun length.


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thanks guys, and trust me in pretty new to scratchbuildin too ( many half builds on the the "to do" list) lol, next question does anyone have good reference of the underside of the prop? ive scoured but all i can find are other scratchbuilds, i need to look at the prop and the only pic i have is the one in chronicles and its kinda blurry at best, many thanks....lee


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what about using the MR one for reference? there was publicity shots of thier craft from all angles including the bottom



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didnt think of that zorg, ill have to do some digging, may try getting the engine boxes in styrene this weekend, next bob is to do some clean up of the seams i have then get the top hull panel lines scored in, plans is to pretty much complete the top, then place the lower hull panel in one piece, main thing i want are functional airbrakes so itll take some figuring.
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