SS Narcissus BUILD teaser.

I used it on my Moonbus model from 2001. I love, as you know, the way you brush the greeblies back and forth using North, South, East and West directions to hit all of the angles and details.

Awesome video Andy!
I love it. Especially the pass by's with the camera.
The model looks absolutely beautiful! Well done !!!
Great stuff Andy and the weathering is top notch and really complete that wonderful iconic model :cool::cool: (y) (y) :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
I'm a fan of graphite and have been using the stuff for the wear and tear on my models for decades! I like to use a large make-up brush for big areas and small ones for the details as well as make-up QTips.
Yeah you can’t beat it for some details! If best-practices are followed it’s pretty safe. I wear a respirator or a particulate filter mask when using graphite or any powdered pigment for that matter. A shower and a change of clothes afterwards is a good idea. Then there’s dust containment in the workspace. An active ventilation system, dust collector or exhaust fan to the exterior is great too (with a quick wet wipe-down of the area.) That being said - love it!

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