Limited Run SNW Phaser Metal Upgrade Parts Kit


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Hello all,

Very happy to open this up for orders. I am doing a run of metal parts in a kit to upgrade the excellent Limeybuilds SNW Phaser (version 3).
That prop can be found here: Strange New Phaser | 3D Print Model


The parts kit will consist of:

  • Emitter assembly (six parts)
  • Trigger unit
  • P1 Grill
  • P2 Adjustment Dial assembly (two parts)
  • P1 Wheel
  • P1 stun/kill indicator assembly
  • P2 Locking lug assemblies (two parts each)
  • Rear fins
  • 5mm “ultra bright” 3V LED prewired (blue) for emitter
    *3mm “ultra bright” 3V LEDs prewired (2 blue, 2 red) for indicator
Material will be cnc machined 6061 aluminum, with two parts being machined in clear acrylic then tumbled for a frosted finish.


This kit will be available as either a complete set, or as other packages. Pricing is as follows:

  • Package A: Complete set: $149.99USD + shipping
  • Package B: “No tip please”: $115USD + shipping (everything but the emitter)
  • Package C: “Just the sides”: $99USD + shipping (everything but the emitter and side dial)
This is to accommodate those who have purchased other kits prior.


This is a PREORDER process. A 50% deposit will be required to confirm your order before the run closes (FEB 4th). The remained of your order with shipping will be due upon the completion of production. Fulfillment of orders will be achieved by ensuring that all placed orders ship no later than 11th March 2023. Apologies the timeline is a bit long on this one, but as this will be the only run, I want to ensure everyone has a chance on this.

FYI I don’t like to keep stock, so won’t be ordering much of an overage on this. If you want a set, best to commit to an order and secure yours.

To place your preorder, please fill out this form: SNW Phaser Metal Kit Order Form
I will then be in touch to arrange payment via PAYPAL.


If I hit 50 orders for COMPLETE KITS, I will design, produce and make available AT COST a brass, acrylic and aluminum stand for the completed prop, as thanks to those who have placed orders. This stand will only be available to those purchasing a package, and will be a limited run.


I’m an independent prop maker trying to make interesting and cool props for a reasonable price point.

With previous SNW Communicator parts kits and antennas successfully delivered and a limited run for the TOS “Heartbeat Detector” prop, I hope that my previous work will speak for itself regarding the quality you’ll be able to expect on this kit.

Portfolio here: Portfolio | Mysite


Here are some screen shots of parts designs and prototype parts. There may be minor changes made in terms of dimension, tolerance and fit once parts are approved for production.








This run is being done across multiple boards and groups. List of orders here:

1) BingoMaru
2) modelerdave
3) Fett_Ish
4) Nurturer
5) Enterprise0216
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To respond to demand, parts can now be ordered individually:

* Emitter assembly (six parts) $ 55
* Trigger unit $20
* P1 Grill $20
* P2 Adjustment Dial assembly (two parts) $10
* P1 Thumbwheel $10
* P2 stun/kill indicator assembly $35
* P2 Locking lug assemblies (two parts each) $22.5 (for a pair)
* Rear fins $17

Order form: SNW Phaser Metal Kit Order Form
This is off to production!

Ended up with 53 orders, so hit the stretch goal and I'll get to designing the deluxe stand.

A few members here expressed interest, but never followed through with filling out the order form. I have ordered a few extra kits, but I don't have time to chase people down, so apologies if you "missed the boat".

I made a few last minute tweaks and changes to the designs:

  • rearward most two parts of the emitter screw together vs brass rod for strength;
  • “speed holes” in trigger moved downward to better match screen reference materials.
  • trigger mount tweaked for fit
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Dont know how I missed this. Please keep me in mind should there be any overages/unclaimed. -Thanks

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